New in 2020

Die industrielle Cloud

Gebaut für die Industrie mit allen besonderen Anforderungen für diese n Bereich.

Entstanden aus betrieblicher Technologie und spricht die Sprache des Werks.

Sie ist der Standard für industrielle Cloud-Konnektivität und ist die zweite Phase der Corvina Cloud-Entwicklung.



Powerful Industrial IoT smart edge gateway based on dual core Intel Cyclone V FPGA SoC.

Ideal for computation-intensive edge applications where OPC UA over TSN is a specific requirement.

In addition, using JMobile software, the product can integrate with most industrial devices thanks to its 200 brownfield protocols. It has an HTML interface and powerful gateway functions and IEC 61131 PLC that can integrate with networked I/O, public cloud and Corvina Cloud secure remote connection.

AWS Greengrass certified.

Download Preliminary Datasheet


X5 Wireless Handheld HMI

Evolves the successful H4

  • New technology for safety channel
  • New coupling procedure. No token required
  • Illuminated emergency stop button
  • Higher performance Linux based hardware platform
  • New receiver station with integrated Wi-Fi access point