Liberating Data from the Factory with Industrial IoT Gateways

September 7, 2020

Industry 4.0 and evolution to Smart Factories promise to bring immense business benefits by improving energy consumption, productivity and throughput, quality, reliability and uptime, and creating new business models. These improvements are derived from the analysis of data, but this data is often not easily available. For a variety of reasons, the data is either not exposed by the machines in the factory or is not accessible by the higher-level edge analytics devices. The Cyclone® V-based EXOR eXware 707 series multiprotocol IIoT gateway provides connectivity for both brownfield (existing) and greenfield (new) devices by facilitating the consolidation of data from varied industrial communication protocols, enabling cloud connectivity, and performing edge analytics. This allows factories and other installations to be digitalized, freeing the valuable data and enabling the benefits
to be realized......

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