How OPC UA with TSN will drive the merger of  IT and OT in Industrial Automation Platforms

November 16, 2019

The entrance of the Open Platform Communications (OPC) Foundation into the industrial automation space brought order into the chaotic automation scene ruled by individual fiefdoms offering ...

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How Does an On-Premise Cloud Service Help With Security?

November 12, 2019

In mainstream tech communities, the term ‘on-premise cloud services’ is viewed as an oxymoron because of what on-premise and cloud services represent. In popular culture, cloud services refer to ...

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Analysis of the Paradigm Shifts in Software and Business Development

November 1, 2019

Software is renowned for going in cycles, and every 20 years or so we get a significant paradigm shift. For example, forty years ago, if you wanted computers to do something for you, you went to a ...

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What is the Difference Between Cloud as a Service and Platform as a Service?

October 27, 2019

The traditional method of consuming IT services and resources for business involved the management of every piece of hardware and software in-house. The introduction of web-based technology solutions ...

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