New Website Quick Guide


New Website Quick Guide

2 Jan, 2018


The new EXOR International Website is ready to go live.

Although not completed (and a website is never finished) it is our attempt to emphasize the change in EXOR from a traditional HMI producer to a whole product solution provider in Industry 4.0, while still giving emphasis to the fact that EXOR produces some of the most innovative, robust and beautiful visualization pieces.

Remember we are coming from 31 different websites which were simple digital product catalogues and our objective with the new site is to create an instrument where EXOR International may provide value to the marketplace.

All these old sites will be closed during week 6 2018 so please take a look at the new site and send us your feedback, especially if you see parts missing that you used in the older sites.

During 2018 the website we evolve to include other languages and most of all a regular content additions, to support the market in finding the business reasons and solutions for Industry 4.0.

Please enjoy navigating through the website after reading below a summary of the contents:



Immediately offering value with the EXOR International's solutions of the major 5 challenges that any company needs to tackle when implementing Industry 4.0


The 1st component of Industry 4.0 applications. The heart of all our hardware for the X Platform: EXOR Embedded. Here you can read about our research and purchase development kits.


The description of the complete Industry 4.0 platform: The X Platform.


EXOR International takes security very seriously and this section provides an indication of our current response to threats.


Covering Hardware, Software and Hardware offerings, with Tech Data. The components of the X Platform


Showing the current certification level for all our products.


A description of EXOR, who we are and the philosophy of how we conduct ourselves in the marketplace.


The content area for blog, videos, events etc.


By far the most visited page with the older sites, we have made this page easy to navigate and have left alone the previous routes to old sites. Search facility for any problem will now list all Tech Support documents written. Easy access to the most commonly used functions as RMA, FAQ and Library documentation.


Our worldwide locations split by Branch, service and distribution with the ability to contact directly your EXOR representative.


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