eX700 Series Solidifies No. 1 Position in the Marine Industry


eX700 Series Solidifies No. 1 Position in the Marine Industry

29 Jan, 2018

The eX700 Series is one of the very first IIoT Controller and HMI series to achieve a new important approval within the marine industry. Greatly increases the possible uses, this emphasises the eX700 series as the premier component for any marine application.

Let Your Local EXOR Explain

The EU RO Mutual Recognition Group is made up of 12 Class Societies with EU Recognised Organisation (EU RO) status.
You may check the organization web site:

Each of these companies agrees to recognize the value of the EU RO MR certificate issues by any of the others: "Under the Mutual Recognition (MR) Type Approval Scheme, all EU ROs are obliged to accept a MR certificate as equivalent to one of their own ".
The certificate will be normally referred as "Mutual Recognition".

With this achievement, the new type approval certificate, available here will respond to your needs for installation on ships of the eX700 devices.

The certificate covers:






and additionally the options
PLCM01, PLCM05, PLIO03 and PLIO06.

Certification applies to products manufactured in 2018, manufacturing date is written on the rating plate. The MR certification has non indication on the product rating plate. To determine if a certain product is covered by the certificate, you must check product part number and manufacturing date for correspondance with data on the certificate.


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