eSMART Series Continues to Disrupt the Budget HMI Sector


eSMART Series Continues to Disrupt the Budget HMI Sector

14 Feb, 2018

When EXOR first introduced to the market the eSMART series, nearly 2 years ago, it was always our intention to rethink the budget HMI sector.

With the progress of material engineering and design, we saw no reason why the budget HMI sector had to be offered with such poor levels of technology and particularly aesthetics. We saw a range of products that has been destined to remain the second choice.

Of course, the plastic housing would always present certain limitations to what we could achieve. There are things you simply cannot make plastic do no matter how much you try. The laws of physics apply to everyone!


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This continued engineering investment has now been recognized by the most severe certification organisations in the world.

There is now no budget HMI series in the world that can offer the range of features and certificates, opening dramatically the range of possible applications and industry verticals.
eSMART Series Now Offers the Best Certification to Price Ratio in the World
UL Hazardous Locations
The series now comes with UL mark for Class I Division 2 for use in hazardous locations.
To check on EXOR products in the UL Online Certification Directory click here
The series has been certified ATEX for Zone 2.
Certification has been awarded by UL.
To view the official certificate click here
The series has been approved for use on vessels classed by DNV-GL
To view the certificate in the DNV-GL "approval finder" page click here
The EU RO mutual recognition group (to visit the official site click here) is made by 12 EU Recognized Organizations (RO) working together to:

  1. maintain harmonization of their rules and procedures
  2. mutually recognize class certificates for products


The series now comes with EU RO MR Type approval, meaning that the classification will be recognized by the following organizations:


  • American Bureau of Shipping ("ABS")
  • Bureau Veritas ("BV")
  • China Classification Society ("CCS")
  • Croatian Register of Shipping ("CRS")
  • DNV GL AS ("DNV GL")
  • Indian Register of Shipping ("IRS")
  • Korean Register ("KR")
  • Lloyd's Register Group Ltd. ("LR")
  • Nippon Kaiji Kyokai General Incorporated Foundation ("NK" or "ClassNK");
  • Polski Rejestr Statkow S.A. ("PRS")
  • RINA Services S.p.A. ("RINA")
  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping ("RS")


Please note that although delivery of the enhanced products has started, different worldwide stock levels and production runs will require you to check first with your local EXOR representative first to ensure the new eSMART range is available.


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