Proving Credibility in a B2B World


Proving Credibility in a B2B World

8 Mar, 2018

Many salespeople say that relationships are what count when dealing with potential clients. Although the quality of the rapport is important, by far the most critical element in why a client in the B2B space will deal with you is the credibility of the company you work for.

Company credibility is made up in the same manner as personal credibility, and I can represent it by this formula: Credibility = Character + Competence

To judge the character of the company you need to have a relationship with them over a long time: measuring elements such as speed of response to problems, if they maintain their word, how they treat their employees and how they choose to represent themselves in the press, etc.

Competence is usually easier and more immediate to judge. Given this and the long time frame required to understand the character of the company, many potential clients concentrate on the expertise of the company to make their decision.

One of the significant means of judging the competence of a company is to read the User Case Stories that the company produces from its clients. It is here that companies such as EXOR have some difficulties. In our case with over 20 global brand label customers ranging from industrial, building automation, marine, and more, EXOR is the name that in many industries the most influential companies trust their reputation. We sell in the B2B category, so our technology is often used to provide the final client with another service or product. Therefore acquiring permission to publish a User Case is understandably tricky and therein lies the problem familiar in the B2B space.

However at Embedded World exhibition in Germany in February this year, we were offered an incredible opportunity for potential clients to judge our competence. Two global multi-billion dollar companies allocated stand space to EXOR International and our sister company EXOR Embedded. These two companies are Intel and Arrow Electronics. Both of which could have asked any company in the entire world to participate and yet they asked EXOR.

At Intel, we demonstrated the 3rd version of our Smart Factory, a real-life example of Industry 4.0 concepts working before your eyes. We offered how OPC UA over TSN is a breakthrough technology that will drive Industry 4.0 projects rapidly in 2018 being loaded directly onto our various SOMs.

EXOR with Intel

At Arrow Electronics we demonstrated and discussed with multiple interested people our nanSOM and microSOM technology. The included JMobile software offer connectivity to over 200 protocols and visualization at the edge. Also added is the ability to access our Corvina Cloud.

EXOR with Arrow Electronics

We would like to thank Intel and Arrow Electronics for the opportunity to show the super high innovation at EXOR as well as our ability to translate this technology to real-life situations: Something we do day in and day out with our clients.

Subsequent to the show we discovered that a highly reputable IoT commentator had made a video of our Smart Factory demonstration on the Intel stand. Again proving our competence and to help you decide upon our overall credibility, having a neutral third party spend time and money upon EXOR is essential. We would like to thank Kenton Williston and with his permission gained we would like to share his video.


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