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Today Verona, Tomorrow the World

16 Apr, 2018

EXOR International was awarded on the 16th April 2018 the yearly prize from the Youth section of Apindustria, an industry centred organisation, for being the most innovative company in the Verona region, saying,

<span lang="en">EXOR International, an excellent company which produces technology 4.0 and at the same time a company where man is really at the center of the company. That's why we have decided to reward EXOR International as well as based on the results which show a very important growth in the last ten years as seen in the number of collaborators and the penetration of the market </span>

We at EXOR International are delighted and honoured to receive such a recognition and especially as it comes from the Youth section of the Apindustria. EXOR International has over 50% of its employees with engineering qualifications with the vast majority of these being under 35 years of age. This helps to create a dynamic and exciting place of work.

The video is obviously only in Italian, but nonetheless can be seen by clicking here