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Should a Machine Manufacturer Make Or Buy The HMI

February 27, 2019

Often the question industrial machine manufacturers are faced with is, “Should I make or buy the HMI?”.

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Brownfield Applications from Smart Edge to Industrial Cloud

February 18, 2019

With thanks to our partners INTEL for this video.

The EXOR smart factory remains the leading example of brownfield and greenfield applications from Smart edge to Industrial cloud. All the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology can be accessed.

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How TSN Can Increase Factory Safety Levels

February 13, 2019

Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) enables a single, open network infrastructure supporting multi-vendor interoperability through standardization and IT and OT convergence through guarantee of service.

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What is a Human-Machine Interface

February 7, 2019

A Human-Machine Interface (HMI) is defined as a feature or component of a certain device or software application that enables humans to engage and interact with machines. Some examples of common Human Machine Interface devices that we encounter in our daily lives include touchscreens and keyboards.