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The Automated Predictive Maintenance

June 24, 2021

This article will discuss:
  • Predictive maintenance as an Industrie 4.0 business model
  • The benefits of automating predictive maintenance procedures
  • Steps to automating predictive maintenance in industrial facilities

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What is the Machines as a Service Business Model or Maas?

April 8, 2021

This article covers:

  • Machinery within the “smart” factory context
  • What is meant by the machines as a service model
  • The key benefits of the machines as a service model
  • The industries which are using it
  • What it takes to implement a machines as a service model

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How can a Digital Twin Help Current Production Performance?

February 4, 2021

This article will discuss:

  • The importance of digital twins in achieving the digital transformation needed to implement Industrie 4.0 business models
  • How the digital twin supports data analytics and Industrie 4.0 growth across the industrial sector
  • How the digital twin enables optimized...

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Implementing Industrie 4.0 Business Models for Revenue Growth

October 1, 2020

This article will discuss:

  • How the digital transformation that comes with Industrie 4.0 leads to revenue growth
  • The opportunities for revenue growth Industrie 4.0 offers through value-based services
  • How OEMs and factory owners can leverage Industrie 4.0 to improve revenue-generation processes

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How Edge and Cloud Computing Combine to Create Industrial Automation Platforms

June 24, 2020

The increased edge computing rate is simplifying industrial processes in new ways but the data sets edge devices capture sometimes require larger repositories for more insight into industrial automation processes. This is where a juxtaposition of edge and cloud computing is required to collect,...

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What are the Advantages of Cloud Computing in Industrial Settings?

June 10, 2020

Across the globe, enterprises continue to increase their productivity levels and revenue projections by leveraging cloud computing and the digitalization it brings. Analyses of these enterprises show that businesses within manufacturing-related industries or settings see the cloud as a valuable...

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How to Build an IIoT Business Case That Decision-Makers Will Accept

June 7, 2020

Statistics show that 98% of enterprises intend to pursue a digital-first approach to optimize their business processes. This, alone, makes a case for the widespread acceptance of digital transformation. But digital transformation comes in different forms. For some, the integration of cloud...

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Why You Cannot Ignore Digitalization

May 9, 2020

At the beginning of each year, tech observers pen down the trends expected to define industrial endeavors for the entire year for enterprises. These trends have become a New Year resolution landmark of sorts as enterprises rely on them to create strategies and implementation timelines to drive...

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The Automating of Predictive Maintenance

April 30, 2020

Everyone in the industrial manufacturing community has heard stories about downtime. But for those who have lived it, statistics such as one hour of downtime cost manufacturers up to $260,000 per hour or two million dollars in 4 hours do not tell the entire story. Aside from monetary losses, the...

Industrie 4.0 Benefits

How to Improve Workforce Performance by Virtual Training and Validation

October 22, 2019

As manufacturers struggle to fill available jobs, the future of manufacturing is balanced on a knife-edge. On one hand, the integration of new concepts and equipment has the potential to optimize production. On the other hand, the available baby-boomer workforce is aging and the next generation...