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Brownfield Applications from Smart Edge to Industrial Cloud

February 18, 2019

With thanks to our partners INTEL for this video.

The EXOR smart factory remains the leading example of brownfield and greenfield applications from Smart edge to Industrial cloud. All the benefits of Industry 4.0 technology can be accessed.

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HMI use with industrial gloves

November 30, 2018

With our sincere thanks to our partner T&G Automation in Austria for this video showing how eX700 HMI products with their projected capacitive touchscreens can be operated also with the typical gloves used in various industrial areas:

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eSMART Series Continues to Disrupt the Budget HMI Sector

February 14, 2018

When EXOR first introduced to the market the eSMART series, nearly 2 years ago, it was always our intention to rethink the budget HMI sector.

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eX700 Series Solidifies No. 1 Position in the Marine Industry

January 29, 2018

The eX700 Series is one of the very first IIoT Controller and HMI series to achieve a new important approval within the marine industry. Greatly increases the possible uses, this emphasises the eX700 series as the premier component for any marine application.

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eX700 Series Gains Important Certifications

January 5, 2018

The standard IEC 60079 covers the rules and measures required to use electronic equipment in areas with risk of explosion due to gas and/or dust. A certification according to the standard is required to use electronic equipment, such as the EXOR HMI products, in plants where the possible presence...