Open Industrial IoT Cloud

CORVINA Cloud is the cloud-based, Open Industrial IoT Platform that provides the technology you need for the industrial world. It is The Industrial Cloud

It connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, be they new or legacy. It allows the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed simply and intuitively with advanced analysis. It bridges layers between IT and OT architecture, providing effective tools to access all the industry 4.0 benefits, such as asset performance management, predictive maintenance and OT remote monitoring. 

Our Technology that allows you to implement at scale and securely Your solution to Your problem: how to maintain competitiveness, grow and maybe just to disrupt. 

The business model provides three type of configuration:

  • SaaS
  • PaaS
  • On-Premise


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Bridging the gap between OT and IT Architectures

CORVINA Cloud seeks

the Information of Things.


Remote Access and Edge management

Remote Access and Edge Management allows to securely and easily connects your edge devices and your machines.

It is an advanced connectivity management solution that allows you to manage your IIoT business. The user interface is incredibly easy to use.

The web-based solution makes all your remote devices, networks and users to communicate securely, to manage updates on devices and to connect endpoints (PLCs, Drives, etc…).


  • Only outgoing connectivity
  • Direct access to device and defined endpoints (PLC, Drive, PC..)
  • Installation and maintenance cost reduction
  • Easy management of tenants access with dedicated company domains
  • User and profile management to differenciate user access to the domain and
    the function for service
  • Different views according to different tenant of the system
  • Multiple applications (Web, VNC, JMobile client...) on device and endpoints via Web browser
  • Web agent to connect machine and endpoints (PLC, PC, Drive..) using related configuration software to debug, update project, update firmware etc.

Recent Updates Have Included

Multiple Direct access application:

  • Possibility to create a user that can access only one application on multiple device

VNC runtime Password

  • Possibility to enable runtime password for VNC connections

Device Pairing simplified using Activation Key

Network Address Translation (NAT) rules on eXware, eX700 using USB:

  • Possibility to set NAT rules on eXware and eX700 devices using a script file on USB

PLCM10 4G modem Compatibility:

  • Usage of the PLCM10 4G modem with CORVINA Cloud


Advanced VPN for IIoT Security

A powerful and highly scalable solution that offers advanced VPN capabilities with a simple web-based interface allows all your remote devices, networks and users to be able to communicate seamlessly.

Industry standard encryption technology ensures your data stays protected in transit for complete IoT security.

Granular role-based access permissions allow users to only gain acces to required resources and nothing else.


Isolating for Maintenance and Installation

Corvina Cloud uses a SSL VPN technology (OpenVPN) to allow both installation and maintenance to be made remotely and highly securely.

Non functioning devices can be identified from the portal and isolated to be worked on.

This can help save time and money and minimize network downtime.



In traditional VPN solutions, there is no support for helping users to identify or link their local applications to remote VPN resources. This has the consequence that users have to remember IP addresses or require the use of complicated DNS systems.

Corvina Cloud solves this issue by allowing you to specify “application links” which will launch a local application on a user’s computer and connect it to a remote resource automatically and with just a single click of the mouse.


Subnet Mapping

One of the most common challenges industrial networks are faced with is the problem whereby multiple locations have the same subnet, making it impossible to implement a central VPN management tool without significant intervention.

Corvina Cloud is the only solution on the market that can seamlessly resolve this routing nightmare, allowing your deployment to go smoothly.


USB Provisioning

With distributed networks that span large territories, it’s common for the IT staff to experience a lot of traveling to deploy network equipment. This takes a lot of time, not to mention incredible cost.

With the USB Provisioning tool, devices can be easily pre-configured on a USB stick and shipped out to their location for a simple, secure installation.


Web access using standard browser

Corvina Cloud uses web proxy technology to allow usage of standard browser to connect to portal with security HTTPS protocol

It is possible to access to local display of device using VNC client integrated into portal

It is possible to access to web server of device using standard browser



EXOR has a long history of making Industrial software. EXOR has always been concerned with the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction with which specified users achieve precise goals in particular contexts.

CORVINA Cloud continues this tradition.  

Upon the first startup, the user will find it easy to become familiar and able to use CORVINA Cloud’s user interface. It is easy for the user to achieve their objective, navigating smoothly between the various high-level functions of the platform. Moreover, software design has also made it easy to recall the multiple services available on CORVINA Cloud as well as how to use them on subsequent visits.  

Deep consideration as to how our clients will use the software leads to a rapid onboarding of the platform and hence faster access to industry 4.0 benefits.  





CORVINA Cloud has been designed with a level of functionality that you have come to expect from an innovative engineering company as EXOR. Much effort has been made to offer all the instruments to ensure CORVINA Cloud meets the needs of the user. 

Users will suddenly without complexity, be able to connect devices to any cloud, to set up roles with associated access limits and to produce multi-level alarms amongst many other functions. 

Incredibly within a short time, users will have powerful asset management performance and maintenance management applications that will make you wonder why other cloud providers charge for these applications. 


Visual Design

Although not often thought of in the industrial sector, visual design is a crucial element of a thoughtfully made software.

CORVINA Cloud is used often in white label with sub organisations; the ability to customise the product is essential.

Aesthetics and usability have a positive correlation which helps to communicate your brand to the market.

The visual design of CORVINA Cloud provides a balance between visual appeal, usability and utility unseen in the industrial space.




Functional Integrity

Reliability and high availability have always been a major concern in distributed systems.

Providing highly available and reliable services in cloud computing is essential for maintaining customer confidence and satisfaction and preventing revenue losses.

EXOR is a long term provider of Industrial strength products and software. From the beginning CORVINA Cloud was designed with a solid infrastructure but of more importance have been the automatic procedures that constantly monitor the state of the system and predict and prewarn of any possible future issues. 

App and Marketplace

CORVINA Cloud allows to implement and deploy services and apps inside the platform as internal tools or as value added or market diffentiator for the product. A unique access to the Cloud platform allows tenants to access to their application, service or complex analytics in a uniformed and harmonic visualization.
There is no limit in the application and service that can be implemented.


Utility Benefits

E - VCC - Feature 03 v05


Easy upgrade, easy customization and ongoing cost savings


E - VCC - Feature 02 v06


Highly specific access constraints to data and function


Corvina_Cloud_2 - Feature 01 v14


Customize Dashboard with implementing Widget, KPI, data analisys functions. Offering great deal of flexibility. Data is not tied to resources or methods.


CC - Feature 05 v05 - Dashboard widget creation


Autonomously increase profits creating dashboard that shows you relevant data for your business. Placing the visual design in line with your brand provides good secondary sales.

CC - Feature 04 v02 - Portable logic - Alarms


Optimize the Device connection allowing the creation of Profiles for machine models. Protect plant uptime and safety minimizing the number and impact of abnormal situations thanks to the prompt information received by Email notifications.



Simplifies the process of connecting any device to the cloud.

Possibility to implement all the functions related to the positioning of the device (Route, GeoFencing, ...)

Create Your Service in 15 Minutes


  • No coding required
  • Easy recall
  • Fast onboarding


Corvina Cloud | VPN Service Download

Corvina Cloud | VPN Service Manual

Software available in this web page is based on OpenSource. Visit the license statement for OpenSource Software page for more details

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