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Finally a Simple Industrial IoT Platform

CORVINA is a company that offers Servitization and Digitalization solutions through the CORVINA IoT Digital Platform.

Digitization applications are solutions based on mathematical models that help companies optimise their production processes, consolidate and take advantage of new business opportunities.

Thanks to a consolidated data collection platform, whether from application or production systems, we enable advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence engines to allow companies to see further, innovate and be faster.

Through the power of data and people we realise new possibilities, generating value from existing opportunities, while creating innovation and re-imagining processes and systems. We develop breakthrough solutions, with an agnostic vision, thus applicable in any context.

CORVINA designs edge devices specific to every sector. Thus providing you with a complete technological and service stack to achieve your objectives.



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CORVINA for Digitalization

Your Objective

- Inventory optimization
- Alarm Detection/Anomaly Detection
- Replenishment Management
- Energy Optimization
- Logistic Planning
- Production Scheduling
- Demand Forecasting
- HVAC optimization
- Intelligent Building Automation
- Energy MPC (Model Predictive Controller)

Working method


Data understanding

Insight into the business context
Data visualisation
Insight and alignment of objectives


Data modelling

Data preparation and visualisation
Defining the solution
Model development


Objective validation

Model validation
Set up and running


Open Industrial IoT Platform

CORVINA Cloud is the cloud-based, open industrial IoT platform that provides the technology you need for the industrial world. Corvina Cloud is an administration shell for distributed edge systems, integrating data collection, monitoring and control, configuration management, integrated web tools and programming environments to support the machinery and applications throughout its whole lifecycle providing productivity increase and new Business Model based on Services.

Our Technology that allows you to implement at scale and securely Your solution to Your objective: how to maintain competitiveness, grow and maybe just to disrupt.



Remote Access and Edge management

VPN Service

Remote Access and Edge Management allows to securely and easily connects your edge devices and your machines.

It is an advanced connectivity management solution that allows you to manage your IIoT business. The user interface is incredibly easy to use.

The web-based solution makes all your remote devices, networks and users to communicate securely, to manage updates on devices and to connect endpoints (PLCs, Drives, etc…).



  • Only outgoing connectivity
  • Direct access to device and defined endpoints (PLC, Drive, PC..)
  • Installation and maintenance cost reduction
  • Easy management of tenants access with dedicated company domains
  • User and profile management to differenciate user access to the domain and
    the function for service
  • Different views according to different tenant of the system
  • Multiple applications (Web, VNC, JMobile client...) on device and endpoints via Web browser
  • Web agent to connect machine and endpoints (PLC, PC, Drive..) using related configuration software to debug, update project, update firmware etc.

Recent Updates Have Included

Multiple Direct access application:

  • Possibility to create a user that can access applications on multiple device in an easy and direct way.

VNC runtime Password

  • Possibility to enable runtime password for VNC connections.

Device Pairing simplified using Activation Key

  • Fastest Device Provisioning thanks to a simple and intuitive process.

PLCM10 4G modem Compatibility:

  • Usage of the PLCM10 4G modem with CORVINA Cloud allows to connect any device and plants without the need of a cabled Internet Connection.


  • Profinet Scan is a BSP application for EXOR devices using Profinet DCP ("Discovery and basic Configuration Protocol").
    This application is able to find devices in the network, identify information and configure settings, such as hostname and Profinet device network parameters.
    With this application it is now possible from an EXOR device, whether you are connected locally (from HMI/EDGE devices) or remotely (using CORVINA Cloud VPN), to set parameters for Profinet devices. The typical use of this application is for the commissioning of a Profinet device when it is replaced in a running installation


Data Platform

IoT Data Collection, Visualization and Analisys is the key for machinery servitization and plant digitalization. CORVINA Cloud connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, be they new or legacy. It allows the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed simply and intuitively with advanced analysis.

It bridges layers between IT and OT architecture, providing effective tools to access all the industry 4.0 benefits, such as asset performance management, artificial intelligence, predictive maintenance and OT remote monitoring.


Key Benefits


Data Analysis

Data analysis has never been so easy, thanks to an intuitive, easy to use platform: everyone can connect its own machinery and start Data Collection and Analysis.

CORVINA Cloud is a no-code Cloud that allows to easily collect and visualize real-time or historical data on dedicated dashboards.
Thanks to a secure and reliable data storage, CORVINA Cloud allows to have high-speed update on RealTime or historical data providing every tool for Conditional Monitoring and machine/production monitoring (KPIs like OEE, Pareto Chart, Discrete Monitoring).

Incredibly within a short time, CORVINA will provide powerful asset management
performance and maintenance management applications.


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VPN Remote Access

CORVINA Cloud provide an high-speed remote connection to your HMI or Gateway and to any components of your machinery. Thanks to a multiserver architecture your machine will be automatically connected to the nearest server to provide the optimal performance for remote edge management and service.
A Web Based interface allows to configure your device and endpoints. It is possible to create Application and Profile for every single machine components and assign this to User roles for provide specific access to the different function and components of the machinery.

Direct Access functionality provide effective access to Applications and endpoints without the need of the full User Interface usage. Thanks to a simplified UI users will rapidly connects to the needed application/endpoints with any devices (mobile, tablet, PC).


Alarms & Notification

Reliability and high availability have always
been a major concern in distributed systems.

Having the right people informed about machine malfunctions, problems and event provide optimal management of the machinery and an immediate reaction on production or machinery problems.

Decrising unplanned downtime being advised via email or other communication system provide an effective tool to increase machine reliability and warranty SLA on products.




Visual Design

Although not often thought of in the industrial sector, visual design is a crucial element of a thoughtfully made software.

CORVINA Cloud is used often in white label with sub organisations; the ability to customise the product is essential.
Aesthetics and usability have a positive correlation which helps to communicate your brand to the market.

The visual design of CORVINA Cloud provides a balance between visual appeal, usability
and utility unseen in the industrial space.

Thanks to navigable 3D twin you can keep monitoring your machine and locate immediatly the fault for a fast reaction.


App and Marketplace

CORVINA Cloud allows to implement and deploy services and apps inside the platform as internal tools or as value added or market diffentiator for the product. A unique access to the Cloud platform allows tenants to access to their application, service or complex analytics in a uniformed and harmonic visualization.
There is no limit in the application and service that can be implemented.


Create Your Service in 15 Minutes


  • No coding required
  • Easy recall
  • Fast onboarding

Key Features

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Easy upgrade, easy customization and ongoing cost savings


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Highly specific access constraints to data and function


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Customize Dashboard with implementing Widget, KPI, data analisys functions. Offering great deal of flexibility. Data is not tied to resources or methods.


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Autonomously increase profits creating dashboard that shows you relevant data for your business. Placing the visual design in line with your brand provides good secondary sales.

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Optimize the Device connection allowing the creation of Profiles for machine models. Protect plant uptime and safety minimizing the number and impact of abnormal situations thanks to the prompt information received by Email notifications.