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JSmart700 | Smart HMI with support arms

EXOR International would like to invite you on this journey of imagination and discovery by introducing the JSmart family of Smart HMI Field Devices.

The JSmart PoE HMI Series is up to a 32-bit RISC quad core, multitouch display and robust glass front, a full set of motion and environment sensors and Wi-Fi interface. The continuing reduction of control cabinets in particular is increasing the need for input stations that can be installed flexibly. Fully enclosed panels with IP67 protection offer decisive advantages when it comes to positioning operator terminals at the most convenient locations on the machine through JSmart support arm system.

Every once and a while a new product arrives that changes the market. It influences the perspective of all participants by encouraging them to question the status quo. And challenging that which has been done before is when innovation leads to a lasting difference being created.

EXOR International would like to invite you on this journey of imagination and discovery by introducing the JSmart family of Smart HMI Field Devices. A product that seems as if from the consumer world of smartphones, tablets and PCs and yet a robust industrial grade product that will last multiple years.

We have worked for many years to redesign nearly 80% of the internal components on the board to accommodate an incredibly beautiful and slim casing. Looking at the product from any angle there is a sense of tranquility and purity that belies the potent technology that lies beneath.

Up to a 32-bit RISC quad core , multi-touch and robust glass front, a full set of motion and environment sensors and Wi-Fi interface all add up to provide you with a vast possibility of applications.

Challenge what has come before.

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Key features

  • from 5 inch to 21 inch display
  • up to a resolution 1920x1080 pixel with 16M colors, dimmable backlight
  • PCAP Touchscreen Multitouch with swiping and zooming
  • 10/100 Ethernet port PoE single cable for power and ethernet
  • Wi-Fi Connection 
  • up to a ARM Cortex-A9 quad core CPU
  • Full IP67 protection; ideal for mounting arm installation right at the machine
  • Mounts on 22 mm hole
  • Includes environment and motion sensors
  • Can be used with cable up to 100 m distance from source
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Up to 32-bit RISC quad core CPU and a multi touch capacitive screen.


Patent protected ultra slim design allows a seamless connection between the front and rear of the HMI.

Cost Reduction

IP67 protection means no need to house the hmi inside a costly cabinet.


Wifi and a vast range of applications mean that the JSmart can be located exactly where the operator requires the information.

What Are The Benefits of The JSmart Series

Install the HMI Exactly Where it is Needed

With full IP67 environmental protection, you can install the product wherever you need to use it, without the need for a cabinet. The addition of Wifi acts as if a second Ethernet port. Moreover, the panel can be used at up to 100m away from the machine allowing an incredible range of location options






Dramatically Reduced Overall Costs of HMI Enclosure

Eliminating the need for a cabinet enclosure not only gives the flexibility to give information where the operator needs it but at the same time dramatically reduces the cost of operation. Cabinet enclosures can be up to three times the cost of the panel itself. To aid this, EXOR International has developed an extensive array of attachment options.




Aesthetic appeal increased

Complimenting robust and high-end machinery, the JSmart series with its projected capacitive multi-touch display still offers a level of aesthetic appeal never before seen in the industrial sector. Slim and with only one cable connection for power and network connection, the pleasure of using this device is enhanced even when using thick gloves.


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JSmart defines the new Smart Edge Device Segment

While the industrial world concentrates on cloud functions, the need for powerful and easy to use edge devices quietly grows. The JSmart Series starts its life with Wifi, internal sensors of temperature and 3 axis accelerometer as well as a powerful web browser and graphic accelerator allowing for a new generation of applications to be developed as the emergent OPC UA over TSN technology changes the OT landscape.




Innovation does not stop at technology:
Multi colour available

While it may seem a secondary need, the industrial and marine sectors continue to offer final user customization. When the technology differences become ever smaller as OPC UA over TSN flattens the innovation landscape, aesthetics become far more a distinguishing factor. EXOR International again shows to be brave enough to think of innovation in every area that our customers might require.
“Easy Access to high end technology. The difficulty of choosing a colour”.








Runs the World's Most intuitively powerful Software and Cloud

The native JMobile visualization and connectivity software allows engineers to create easy to use applications without a background in HTML5, CSS or Javascript programming. This extremely powerful software is built by EXOR International to perfectly compliment the hardware and firmware of the device, thus allowing for optimal performance when the environment requires robust and long life hardware.




Human Data interface is Born

JSmart with JMobile connects easily to any public cloud offering via OPC UA or MQTT. The Industrial Cloud, Corvina Cloud is also accessible with a one click activation. The JSmart can then be the data collector and push data into the cloud for long term learning and improvements. But the most important concept is how JSmart interacts with the operator to inform him or her of the information that is needed to improve efficiency and safety. The powerful JSmart with it aesthetic appeal becomes the perfect conduit for data transfer and use: the Human Data Interface.


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