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PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector is a plug-in module that creates a secure VPN router for use with the Corvina Cloud connectivity architecture.
The PLCM07 Secure Cloud Connector is low cost solution designed for remote assistance and data acquisition for the Series 500, 500G, 600

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Key features

• Secure connection for industrial remote connectivity
• Based on Corvina Cloud Switchboard Server using secure connection based on OpenVPN/SSL
• Routing for direct access to remote sub-networks (i.e. PLC communications)
• Remote desktop for diagnostic of HMI applications
• Integration with JMobile Studio for remote update of OS, JM Runtime and applications
• Integration with JM4Web for remote web access
• Support virtual serial communication (pending)
• Communication support for programming remote PLC (Ethernet/serial)
• Compatible with main PLC brands
• Simple management of users/groups and devices/groups with Corvina Cloud software

This plug-in can be used with: eTOP500 Glass Series and eTOP 500 Series

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+PLCM07U0P1 Plug-in Secure Cloud Connector
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