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Corporate Video EXOR 2018

February 26, 2018

Most corporate videos are company-centric. They describe the company itself, showing the locations, factory, meeting rooms and happy smiling faces completing on deals, etc.

EXOR International has and always will be customer-centric. This is why our 2018 Corporate video demonstrates our technologies working together to resolve the issues that you, our clients are facing: How to implement Industry 4.0 concepts to grow your company.

The video shows the EXOR quality control unit for the new JSmart panel which will be released in 2018. Driving various sensors and a robot, across multiple protocols using OPC UA over TSN, the quality data is acquired for electric, sensor, touch and display. This data is sent to our Corvina Cloud where we analyse and provide our engineers with the ability to make minute changes in our production process based on clear data.

Through this EXOR continuously improves.

We Sell Solutions That We Use Ourselves Yet this video is not just about technology, but also about the harmony between man and machine.

As the machines on the factory floor become more sophisticated than the products they build, having a technology that bridges the interface between human and machine is crucial.

To emphasize this point the music plays an important role. It is a beautiful duet, two singers and an orchestra perfectly in time with each other. The robot and sensors in the quality control unit join in with this synchronization and seem almost to dance to the duet. It is the human and the machine working together to run a digital thread throughout the entire company.

This is Industry 4.0
This is EXOR