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Using Technology for Human Safety

What is the relationship between 0n3 and EXOR?

0N3 is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of EXOR International.
EXOR International is licensed to develop and produce mobile devices based on the design and IP of 0N3. 0N3 is the specialised sales unit of EXOR International for all such applications.

History in handheld devices

Since 2012, 0N3 has been designing handheld devices. With the market's attention on wireless industrial communications, ON3 has developed a unique Wi-Fi based safety coupling and is already working in the 5G lab of EXOR on the next generation of handheld or wearable devices.

Quality Certification

Choosing EXOR International as the manufacturer of its products, the quality assurances are important. EXOR International has the ISO 9001, 14001 certifications. Every three months the production facilites of EXOR are auditted by 0N3 to make sure the very best quality to its clients.

0N3_X5 Mobile HMI


  1. Pairing and operation take place at a distance
    no longer having to get close to the agv to connect  
  2. Wi-Fi Operation reduces risks
    no longer having to have a long cable on the ground
  3. Light enabled emergency stop emergency stop lit only when connect – no false
  4. SIL3 highest level of safety

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Ease of Use

  1. High UI allows rapid onboarding
    Improves safety as the operator feels comfortable using the device
  2. Pairing Procedure at BSP level 
    The procedure of pairing and unpairing is fast and secure 
  3. Changes made at the board level 
    Powerful yet very low consuming components allows for a long battery life
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Save Time (Money)

  1. Pairing time
    The time it takes to pair and unpair is minimum
  2. One X5 for multiple AGV types
    Ability to to manage multiple projects with a single handheld
  3. Real time upgrade of software
    Upgrading of software directly via base station
  4. Performance of Real Time guidance
    As rapid as any cabled version 

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