JMCloud Connect: how to create Superuser?


JMCloud Connect: how to create Superuser?

19 Jun, 2017

What to know

With JMCloud Connect software it is possibile to access JMCloud infrastructure to get access to devices via VPN connection.
Proper credentials are required to access JMCloud, given by a local reseller or by the organization owner.

This FAQ describes how to create a Superuser with JMCloud Connect software.

Superuser will be able to:

  • create and manage devices (gateways and endpoints)
  • create and manage users
  • create and manage applications
  • create sub organizations


Following requirements needs to be satisfied to follow this FAQ:

  • JMCloud Connect software (Download here),
  • a Superuser account to use with JMCloud Connect (Ask to your local reseller or to sales@exorint.it).

How to create a Superuser

To create an Administrator user follow these steps:

1. From USERS tab click on Add user

2. From User tab, set the following fields:

  • Name: this the user name, it must be unique in users, gateways and endpoints
  • Organization: this is the organization to which the user will be long to
  • Password: must be at least 8 characters and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character
  • Optionally, a Description can be added to make searches easier

3. From Permissions tab expand the Permissions combo-box and check Superuser (full control)

4. Click on Add button to create the user.

The user "my_user" defined in the example above, will be able to access and manage endpoints, gateways, groups and users of "demo" organization and of any sub-organization.

The user can now access the JMCloud from JMCloud Connect software by setting:

Username = name@organization
Password = password