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X Series: HMIs, Safety and edge Visualization, all in one portable technology
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The X Series offers a range of three cutting-edge products: the X5, X7, and X10 HMIs. The series exceeds comfort limits of traditional fixed HMIs while retaining their capabilities.

X Platform, along with handheld HMIs, offers a unique solution for controlling large industrial machinery.

The ability to connect a single device to multiple bases provides operators mobility and greater control over the machine. Security protocols are ensured:

  • for Wired devices, a dedicated connection is established for emergency buttons,
  • for Wireless and PoE devices, the emergency signal is transmitted from the device to the base through the “black channel“ technology.
When the X Series edge device is connected with CORVINA, its capabilities multiply exponentially. Not only can you install alarm management systems and customized Dashboards, but the horizons of the X Platform expand in terms of comfort, efficiency, and savings.
Depending on which access point you connect to, the possibilities become endless, offering you even more convenience, increased productivity, and significant cost reductions.

X Series Tech Data

Click below to see the X7 & X10 Tech Data.

Wireless Versions



Pairing and operation take place at a distance
no longer having to get close to the agv or machine to connect

Wi-Fi Operation reduces risks
no longer having to have a long cable on the ground

Light enabled emergency stop
emergency stop lit only when connect - no false use - no cabinet storage
SIL3 highest level of safety

Ease of Use

High UI allows rapid onboarding
Improves safety as the operator feels comfortable using the device

Coupling Procedure at BSP level
The procedure of pairing and unpairing is fast and secure 

Changes made at the board level
Powerful yet very low consuming components allows for a long battery life of up to 8 hours

Save Time (Money)

Coupling time
The time it takes to couple and de couple is minimum
One device for multiple AGV or machine types
Ability to manage multiple projects with a single handheld
Real time upgrade of software
Upgrading of software directly via base station
Performance of Real Time guidance
As rapid as any cabled version
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