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X Series: HMIs, Safety and edge Visualization, all in one portable technology


The X Series consists of three products: the X5, X7, and X10 HMIs. These touchscreen devices enable intuitive and dynamic usage, providing an extraordinary user experience. 

The X Series surpasses the comfort limits of traditional fixed HMIs while retaining their capabilities.

Thanks to its adaptability, X Platform, together with handheld HMIs, presents itself as a unique solution for controlling large industrial machinery. 
The ability to connect a single device to multiple bases provides operators mobility and greater control over the machine.

Security protocols are ensured: for Wired devices, a dedicated connection is established for emergency buttons, while for Wireless and PoE devices, the emergency signal is transmitted from the device to the base through the “black channel“ technology.

The capabilities of this edge device are multiplied when connected with CORVINA. Simply installing solutions as alarm management systems or implementing customized Dashboards based on which access point you connect to, the horizons of X Platform expand: more comfort, more efficiency, more savings.

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The X Platform world

In the dynamic world of industrial automation, the X Platform exists to bridge the gap between the aspirations of machine builders and the real-world needs of factory owners. The platform serves as a comprehensive toolbox, helping you address current challenges while preparing for future ones.

The X Platform is more than just technology; it’s a partnership. It empowers you to tailor solutions to your unique challenges, ensuring that you remain at the forefront of industrial innovation. The goal is to give machine builders the freedom to focus on what they do best: creating outstanding machines that meet the needs of factory owners like you.

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