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Software for Industrial Edge Management

In just one easily learned software suite, JMobile completely covers the connectivity from edge to cloud, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the all the edge to cloud levels in any Industrial IoT platform architecture.

The Only Industrial IoT Software you will ever need

Appeal and brand recognition is starting assuming a “key role” in HMI pages.

JMobile 4.5 comes with a modern reviewed widget gallery ready to accomplish the more modern and innovative needs on graphic design.

Based on SVG technology and fully customizable, widget gallery now introduces a new searching system for an extremely easy programming.


Guiding Principles of Development of JMobile


Remain open

to the major fieldbus / protocols of communication


Use open and recognized tech standards

Such as HTML5, SVG, XML



selected market-leading 3rd party software with a seamless UI and extremely secure

chipThese three principles working together offer EXOR International and our customers the best of all situations where the secure, solid JMobile backbone of highly critical software is able to contain and implement all the software required for Industrial IoT implementation. 


In just one easily learnt software, JMobile completely covers the connectivity, device management, process management and data visualization essential for the lower levels of any IIoT platform architecture.


For connectivity, with a fully integrated CODESYS PLC, JMobile permits communication to all I/O, Sensors, Motion devices via the significant protocols of PROFINET, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, EtherNet/IP, Modbus amongst many others. Transmitted using the highly robust and secure OPC UA standard and soon pub/sub over TSN, data is seamlessly shared within the network of edge points as well as sending all data to higher Enterprise levels and external interfaces.

This exacting communication universally envied as a real technical achievement does not, however, convey the total completeness of JMobile. Born from an industrial market need, this close contact with customers has remained so deeply ingrained in the constant development process that the beautiful user experience is a defining attribute. The ease of implementation, using evident stunning graphics elements built into a vast library, allows quick and uniquely defining clear visualization.


As the market moves more towards ever increasingly complex web applications, JMobile is ready. The JMobile client-server architecture is already conversant with current HTML5 web technologies and uses a QT engine and Scalable Vector Graphics, JM4Web. This provides users with advanced control and remote supervision from any browser, any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer).


Version 4.5 Improvement List
Version 4.0 SP1 Improvement List
Version 4.0 Improvement List

JMobile Webinar On Demand

Watch the on demand Webinar JMobile Basic Features. It lasts twenty-five minutes and yet only touches the surface of what this Industrial IoT software can achieve.

Are you looking for an Industrial IoT Software?

Download the complete JMobile Suite and Collaterals

The Only Industrial IoT Software
you will ever need

MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) is the publish/subscribe protocol designed for constrained devices and low-bandwidth, high-latency networks. It is a common protocol used for light load IIoT communication.

JMobile comes with an efficient implementation that seamlessly connects to any MQTT broker, including those offered by providers such as Amazon, Exosite, IBM, Microsoft. The MQTT protocol has been built-in to JMobile runtime as a service with full data gateway capability. JMobile 4.5 now permits to interface Tags to MQTT connections and parameters to maximize the integration with HMI project. You can easily configure automatic data push from field devices to the cloud. Data security is enforced by the use of TLS and X509 certificates.

CORVINA is an open IoT platform from Exor that connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, allowing data generated IIoT to be processed simply and intuitively with advanced analysis.

Corvina is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) system. JMobile 4.5 brings the first service for edge data collection to Corvina, with now possibility to create a widget in JMobile Studio and upload it to Corvina Dashboard with a simple drag and drop. The simplest approach you can imagine to bring your data to the cloud.

Communication is always a central point in JMobile applications; even more now that IIoT data collection and edge data processing is becoming the focus in industrial applications.

JMobile 4.5 consolidates his connectivity hegemony by improving adding and improving existing protocols with particular focus on OPC UA, by adding an easier way to manage certificates and a granular selection of validations between server and client communication.

Human machine interface devices are evolving into edge devices, capable to collect and clean data to transform them in information.

JMobile 4.5 brings a new set of native connector for databases such as MariaDB, MySQL, PostreSQL, ODBC, to get or push data from and to IT infrastructures. All the well-known JMobile features cooperates to extract and display data, which can be made accessible by web page.

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JMobile PC Runtime

JMobile PC Runtime is the Windows version of our powerful programming software for graphic user interfaces. The developer can program within a single development environment (JMobile Studio) and choose to download to Exor HMIs or industrial PCs.

The feature set of JMobile PC Runtime is identical to those offered for Exor HMIs with the ability to utilize the computing power, flexibility, and expandability of a PC. Many serial and Ethernet communication protocols are available. Value, functionality, and price make JMobile PC Runtime ideal for replacing generic SCADA with a cost effective solution. JMobile Runtime is offered in a single version with 10.000 tags for a single price, simplifying the costing decision.


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