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How we work


Design, produce and market automation and control systems in a global market.
These systems must meet the needs of the individual customer and respect "man and the environment", our slogan is "Technology for life".
Disseminating the culture of quality, environmental aspects and safety obligations within the company through appropriate training actions, safeguarding the work environment and worker safety.

Laws and standards

The integrated management system is based on compliance with the laws and regulations in force concerning the environment, in terms of safety and health at work and in technical matters referring to the products produced.
The integrated management system ensures that its objectives are periodically verified and reviewed in order to adapt them to the changed legislative references.
Local, national and European laws on technical, environmental and health and safety are respected.


In environmental matters, all the processes carried out are constantly evaluated with reference to the aspects, impacts, threats and opportunities for improvement, which are periodically analyzed and evaluated


We operate in a highly competitive market, therefore we are constantly looking for differentiation, market niches and special applications that can enhance and exploit the potential of the Product


Business decisions are supported by analytical data and dynamic and objective information that enables us to react quickly in all circumstances.
We make communication our strong point. We use advanced means that allow us to better manage information flows both inside and outside.
We periodically verify and review the objectives and goals of the integrated management system, adapting them to the changed legislative references and customer requirements, with a view to continuously improving the quality standard, environmental performance, and the safety and health of the worker.


We focus on a highly qualified post-sales activity, both local and external, to give our customers a fast and professional service.


We want our products to be reliable over time, to meet the needs of the market, the individual customer and we are committed to ensuring that they comply with the mandatory requirements.

Our products must be versatile and easily customizable:
- From the Hardware point of view, at various levels, maintaining the characteristics of the standard product unchanged.
- From the Software point of view, having cutting-edge programming tools and user interfaces that are easy to understand and use.
Through a careful process of design and industrialization we guarantee the optimization and the evolution of the product and the manufacturing process, the life cycle of our products is always analyzed both from a qualitative and environmental point of view.


The company activities and resources are managed with a process approach that favors the management thanks to a greater vision of the whole.
All the relevant processes are continuously monitored and measured thanks to indicators, this allows us to identify the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization in achieving its objectives and thus aiming to improve performance from a technical, safety and environmental standpoint.

Work environment

We aim to have a dynamic, stimulating environment and technically prepared employees and
motivated. For this reason we encourage a work environment that, inspired by respect, fairness and collaboration, allows the involvement and empowerment of all personnel.


Relations with our strategic suppliers are of mutual cooperation. They are constantly evaluated and thanks to their contribution we agree on any improvement actions that allow a constant alignment of needs and performances. In addition, the Management tends to involve suppliers, external organizations in order to adopt an integrated management system and operate in full compliance with legislation.

Dissemination and revision

The integrated policy is disseminated to all internal and external personnel and periodically updated in relation to changes in the organization and in the context of the review activities by the General Management.


The General Management
June 30th 2016


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