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Management System

Meeting our customers' needs with efficiency requires a dynamic and trustworthy quality management system at its core. Our pledge is to perpetually enhance our operational processes and methodologies to guarantee complete customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we hold a profound commitment to our societal obligations, incorporating safety and energy management practices as core components of our internal governance systems.

Our company is unwavering in its dedication to the principles of ongoing enhancement in customer service, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of our workforce. These principles are encapsulated in the documents outlined below:


The regulations detail the essential criteria a quality management system must meet to enhance its performance and increase customer satisfaction.


The ISO 14001 standard serves as the benchmark for businesses and organizations equipped with, or looking to implement, an Environmental Management System.

IECEx Quality Assesment Report

QAR specializes in manufacturing devices for hazardous environments.
Certificate IECEx Quality Assesment Report (QAR): DK/ULD/QAR16.0002/04


Promote a culture of quality, environmental awareness, and safety compliance within the company through targeted training initiatives, ensuring the protection of the work environment and the safety of all employees.

Conflict Material

EXOR International is dedicated to the humanitarian cause of ending violence and human rights abuses connected to the mining of certain minerals in the Conflict Region.


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