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EXOR introduces its groundbreaking Smart Factory

EXOR proudly unveils its revolutionary Smart Factory, a testament to years of unwavering commitment, overcoming challenges, and pioneering inventive resolutions.

Digitalization resolved the business problem of EXOR, responding to the faster market conditions changes.

If your company is going through or looking to begin the process of digital factory transformation, come and see how EXOR overcame the same issues your company is facing.

EXOR International has been designing, developing, and manufacturing HMI, Controllers and Industrial IoT solutions for almost half a century.

It is thanks to these capabilities that EXOR began a close collaboration with Intel, which led to the creation of an end-to-end smart factory. A concrete example of the benefits of Industry 4.0 digitalization for manufacturers of all sizes.

The achievement of these results was narrated by Intel in a docu-video explaining how EXOR has not only achieved efficiency in the industrial field, but how it is pioneering new experimentation on 5G private networks and their integration with existing solutions.  

How Smarter Work Gets Done

Click below to watch the video in partnership with Intel.


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