EXOR Endorses FSC for Environmental Responsibility


EXOR Endorses FSC for Environmental Responsibility

1 Feb, 2019

You may have noticed recently a new logo stamped on our cartoon packages:

EXOR has chosen to gradually convert all paper-based package to materials supplied by manufacturers with FSC certification.

What is FSC?

FSC, Forest Stewardship Council, is a "global not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for what is a responsibly managed forest, both environmentally and socially".
Doing so, FSC promotes an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests.

"Sustainable forestry is one of the most effective means to mitigate climate change. Trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere as they grow. When harvested, carbon is stored in every piece of furniture, timber-framed house and piece of paper. And FSC certification ensures responsible management of forests with new trees growing, absorbing more carbon - a prerequisite to upholding the cycle. At the same time, FSC certiication requires the maintenance or enhancement of the biodiversity of forests and demands that communities depending on these forests beneit from the forestry operations."


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In 2018 more than 90% of the cardboard used to package Exor products came from suppliers with FSC certification!


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