Your Problem, Your Solution, Our Technology

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Your Problem, Your Solution, Our Technology

7 Apr, 2019

Your company faces the same old problem: How to make money today and how to make money tomorrow?

The varied solutions to this ever-present question do however alter over time. Industrie 4.0, and the digitalization of the information thread that runs throughout the company have brought new and innovative solutions. They fall into 8 distinct categories:

  1. Data-driven Plant Performance
  2. Data-driven Inventory Performance
  3. Data-driven Quality Improvement
  4. Machines as a Service
  5. Human data interface
  6. Predictive Maintenance
  7. Remote Servicing
  8. Virtual Training and Validation

Every company is competing within these categories. Just like yours.

Many of our competitors say that they offer solutions, so maybe EXOR can also tell what you should do? Maybe EXOR should give you the solution that would work in your industry, in your company, in your unique place in the world? Yet it seems to us that to answer yes to these questions would be to diminish the importance of the challenges that you face.

Your company is unique. You have multiple years of experience in your sector and only you can provide the solution to your problem. Only you and your team can truly envisage how to make money today and tomorrow.

What EXOR International can offer you is the ability to securely acquire data from almost any approval critical location across multiple vendor and protocols, to powerfully work with this data in real time at the edge and then send this data to a robust cloud to visualize, manipulate and analyse.

With Our technology, we are able to help you implement Your Industrie 4.0 solution to Your business problem.

That is why EXOR International is a technology provider and not a solution provider


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