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How Factory Owners Can Use The Industrial Cloud

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What is Remote Service in the IoT World?

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What is Human Data Interface?

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What is Data-Driven Inventory Optimization?

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What is the Machines as a Service Business Model?

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What is Virtual Training and Validation?

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What Does, "Your Problem, Your Solution, Our Technology" Actually Mean?

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What is Data-Driven Quality Control?

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What is Predictive Maintenance?

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How Factory Owners Can Avoid Choosing the Wrong Industry 4.0 Technology

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How the new industrial cloud can help IT managers navigate Industry 4.0 implementation.

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What is data-driven plant performance optimization?

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Should a Machine Manufacturer Make Or Buy The HMI

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Brownfield Applications from Smart Edge to Industrial Cloud

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How TSN Can Increase Factory Safety Levels

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What is a Human-Machine Interface


Sample - How To Post

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How to choose an IoT gateway

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EXOR Endorses FSC for Environmental Responsibility

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Some OPC UA Definitions

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Why Choose EXOR as a Technological Supplier?

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What is OPC UA and why will it continue to grow in use?

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HMI use with industrial gloves

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Bored by Reducing Costs, Read what Industry 4.0 is Really for.


EXOR International Participates in the Lean Factory School

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The Intelligent Edge

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Award for Excellence in HMI and Industrial IoT Cloud.

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Your Industrial Cloud Decision

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Today Verona, Tomorrow the World

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Proving Credibility in a B2B World

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EXOR Corporate Video 2018

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Using Industry 4.0 to Increase Market Share

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eSMART Series Continues to Disrupt the Budget HMI Sector


EXOR International Invited to be Lead Article Provider

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eX700 Series Solidifies No. 1 Position in the Marine Industry

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Industry 4.0 Predictions for 2018

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eX700 Series Gains Important Certifications


New Website Quick Guide


eX700 Series Awarded DNV-GL Certification

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The EXOR Story