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The Challenges of Managing Captured Data From the Factory Floor

November 13, 2020

This article will discuss:

  • Industrie 4.0 problems relating to captured data and implementation.
  • Diverse solutions to simplify the process and cost of capturing factory-floor data.
  • How industrial enterprises can improve factory processes and operations by leveraging data.


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Your Next HMI is not an HMI

September 17, 2020

An ode to HMI:

"It is a magical piece of engineering

It communicates edge to cloud across 200 protocols

It has the power to manage real-time analytics

You can use it with or without display, with gloves in the harshest or cleanest of environments.

Performance faster than you can say HMI


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How OPC UA Over TSN and 5G Converge

September 6, 2020

This article will discuss:

  • The relationship between OPC UA Pub/Sub over TSN and 5G networks
  • The benefits OPC UA PubSub over TSN convergence with 5G brings to industrial enterprises

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Five Ways OEMs can Leverage End-User Machine Data

August 30, 2020

This article will discuss:

  • The different ways OEMs can leverage end-user machine data
  • The benefits that come with leveraging end-user machine data
  • Examples of how leveraging machine data can optimize business growth

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Smart Factory Transformations From Manufacturers who Have Done it

August 6, 2020

This article will discuss:

  • Use cases for digital transformation in the manufacturing industry
  • Examples of five manufacturers who have executed smart factory transformations
  • The benefits manufacturers say smart factory transformations bring to the table

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The Five Step Guide to Implementing Data Capturing Technology

July 26, 2020

The ability for a data-driven process to enhance operational efficiency by as much as 60% is the reason why Greenfield facilities are integrating data capturing technology across the manufacturing industry. The advantages a data-driven manufacturing process provides include: visibility into...

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The 5G Factory of the Future and What it Entails

July 5, 2020

In recent months, a lot of outcry has been generated by 5G technology. This has led scientists across the globe to publish reports on the potential of 5G and what it intends to accomplish. Some of these researches, including one from Ericsson, have shown that the value 5G will create, as well as...

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The Key Benefits of Mobile Edge Computing

July 1, 2020

The future of edge computing points at the development of mobile solutions and edge hardware that will simplify the integration of the edge in both greenfield and brownfield facilities. Although simplifying the adoption rate is the key benefit, other important value propositions of mobile edge...

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Industrial Edge – Practical Use Cases: CNC

June 28, 2020

Edge computing is currently applied by both discrete event manufacturers and continuous manufacturing facilities to capture shop floor data and other data processing tasks. The adoption of the industrial edge has also accelerated the integration of Industrie 4.0 business models, which bring its...

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How Edge and Cloud Computing Combine to Create Industrial Automation Platforms

June 24, 2020

The increased edge computing rate is simplifying industrial processes in new ways but the data sets edge devices capture sometimes require larger repositories for more insight into industrial automation processes. This is where a juxtaposition of edge and cloud computing is required to collect,...