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Powerful Industrial IoT smart edge gateway based on dual core Intel Cyclone V FPGA SoC.

Ideal for computation-intensive edge applications where OPC UA over TSN is a specific requirement.

In addition, using JMobile software, the product can integrate with most industrial devices thanks to its 200 brownfield protocols. It has an HTML interface and powerful gateway functions and IEC 61131 PLC that can integrate with networked I/O, public cloud and Corvina Cloud secure remote connection.

AWS IoT Greengrass Qualified

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Introducing eXware707T

Introducing eXware707T

eXware707T is a rugged and compact device designed as a powerful IoT Controller and Gateway.

It provides step in functionality compared to the eXware707 and eX707Q thanks to the 4 Ethernet ports with a TSN switch and to the powerful CPU based on Intel Cyclone V FPGS.

The product can integrate JMobile HMI with its HTML interface and powerful gateway functions, IEC 61131 PLC with networked I/O, Corvina Cloud secure remote connection. It is the ideal device for building data-intensive cloud edge solutions for IoT based on OPC UA with TSN With the combination of JMobile HMI, Corvina Cloud security and CODESYS PLC, eXware offers companies the chance to start at an uncomplicated level in IoT and yet allows enormous future expansion into more complex aspects of Industry 4.0.

Speaking across the vast library of JMobile protocols as well as OPC UA to higher enterprise level control, the eXware is a true Plug and Use product.

  • Compatible with existing installations including legacy equipment
  • Compatible with CODESYS V3. Supports network stacks (EtherCAT, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK) and offers local I/O expandability
  • Communication security based on HTTPS and TLS
  • Straightforward wireless connectivity using the optional PLCM09 plug-in modem
  • Plug-in modules for system expansion
  • System settings by web browser
  • Can be used as a Linux-based open platform
  • Ready for OPC UA pub/sub over TSN
  • Ready for Corvina Cloud 2.0 as well as public cloud services
  • AWS IoT Greengrass Qualified