The X Platform

The IIoT Ready X Platform by EXOR

The X Platform unifies all the products and services that fall under the umbrella of EXOR International.

From the very smallest building blocks of an IoT project, through the implementation of any of the eight benefits of Industrie 4.0, to the requirement of a custom or standard high-performance gateway or HMI, the X Platform is able to offer the products that you need.

At the component or machine level, the X Platform specializes in smart edge human data interfaces that are both impressive in their functionality as they are unique in their aesthetic appeal.

At the factory level, the X Platform offers smart edge computing power that allows the visualization of data simultaneously acquired via multiple protocols from all the major vendors.

The X Platform completes the offer with a robust industrial cloud whereby the secure visualization of data many of the Industrie 4.0 opportunities can be realized for your unique company.



The Components of the X Platform

Communication across multi-vendor, multi-protocol and multi-device environments and then sending this data to local or cloud storage is a requirement for manufacturing efficiency.

JMobile suite of software offers this with unmatched level of user experience based on nearly 50 years of Industrial automation experience. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The evolution of EXOR from a traditional HMI hardware designer and manufacturer to a complete IIoT solution provider is most evident in the hardware offering.

From the very basic component of IIoT, at the SOM level, through field and then up to SCADA and Master level panels, EXOR covers all the current and future market needs.xxxxxxxxxxx

Built for Industry with all the particular requirements for this sector. 

Born from Operation Technology speaking the language of the factory.

Corvina Cloud is constructed with state-of-the-art technology specifically mapped for scalability, reliability and fault tolerance and offered as on premises behind your firewall. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

What Makes X Platform So Complete?

X Platform is the only IIoT technology platform with the power to fundamentally change how we understand, interact with, and especially design the “things” in fourth industrial world.

X Platform enables rapid creation of complete applications for the fourth industrial world in which we live. Its unique module framework allows it to seamlessly integrate with all the parts of EXOR’s areas of competence, including:

Seamless integration is achieved with the vast library of protocols that is common with JMobile software. Existing installations are easily employed and upgraded when necessary and very little programming skill is needed given the brilliant  User Interface of JMobile.


Visualization and control software
Communication across multi-vendor, multi-protocol and multi-device environments and then sending this data to local or cloud storage is a requirement for manufacturing efficiency. JMobile suite of software offers this unmatched level of user experience because EXOR is deliberately neutral to all protocols.

Mechanical and electronic design
Total design of projects at the mechanical level are regularly managed at the EXOR International Lab in Italy.


Operating system customization

The BSP usually requires customization to the embedded processor platform on which it runs. Developers who customize the BSP must not only understand the operating system itself, but also the intricacies of the underlying hardware as well as how application developers expect to interact with the BSP.

Cloud based technologies
EXOR offers via the Corvina Cloud a state of the art fully customizable cloud service that seamlessly integrates the data acquisition and user applications.


Regulatory certification

All electronic products, regardless of industry, application, or use case, must minimally pass regulatory certification. While an HMI front end is typically certified with the machine to which it is attached, its designer must be familiar with design for electromagnetic compliance to enable the certification process to go smoothly. Having an experienced business partner with a history of designing HMI interface devices and moving them through the certification process can be critical to a successful product launch

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The X Platform is the only true complete IIoT platform because it  can partner with you in the implementation of your Industry 4.0 plan no matter where you and your company are now.

What are the Benefits of this Complete Platform?


Faster Time-to-Market

New product design is a complex and expensive undertaking for any company. Not only can EXOR’s multiyear experience help to reduce the risk associated with this but the flexibility and power of the microSOM to Corvina Cloud allows (mid-project) pivoting which is crucial to final commercial success.
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Simplicity in technology use cannot exist without having a tremendous level of sophistication in hardware and software. Exor microSOM allows product design across the entire enterprise architecture: Product, Field Device, Control Device, Station, Work Centres and also connection to Enterprise level data analytics, via the Corvina Cloud.

Being simple to Exor means you not worrying about compatibility.


Easy Upgrade or Downgrade Decisions

Use EXOR SOM technology and display options allow you to design your IIoT product yourselves or you can have EXOR design, develop and test your product or simply choose to customise an already existing standard EXOR product.

The point is, with the X Platform you have this level of choice, which we will help you make. Nothing is standing in your way to come to market with your Industry 4.0 product.

How X Platform Can Help Your Project

Building an application in the 4th industrial revolution can be a huge undertaking for even the most resourceful of companies. It requires a lot of expert know-how, time, and capital – and in the end, companies end up plagued by long IT project cycles and low return on investment.


The X Platform simplifies the development of IoT applications. The platform easily connects devices and sensors and enables connections to related information systems and operational assets, delivering more comprehensive business value than a do-it-yourself platform. The X Platform goes another step further in that from the nanoSOM level, through field device to the cloud and analytics, EXOR’s experience is there to guide the implementation of your Industry 4.0 project.


As more well-established enterprises are following the lead of the startups into the IoT, scalability is also critical. The X Platform can scale to meet the needs of any company and easily accommodate continual growth and change cover the following aspects:


The X platform is perfectly understanding that every project and the underlying connectivity is unique and requires strategic choices to best suit your Industrial IoT solutions and applications.


The Corvina Cloud part of the X Platform recognises that Industrial IoT success requires access to reliable and actionable intelligence in real time.


Vast industrial experience gained from operating since 1971 is part of the X platform and allows rapid product development. Once in the market, connected products continue to return value as you help end users manage them.


As the number of connected products grows astronomically, the X Platform builds from the ground up on a scalable platform that meshes with the layered security model necessary in Industrial 4.0 value pools.