Why Industry 4.0 Implementation is Failing SMEs

Mark Olding

Chief Marketing Officer at EXOR International

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Why Industry 4.0 Implementation is Failing SMEs?

1.0 Executive Summary 
2.0 Introduction to Industrie 4.0 and Digitalization 
3.0 The Five Challenges SMEs Face With Implementing Industrie 4.0 and Digitalizing Their Factories 
3.1 Systematic Challenges 
3.2 Data Aggregation and Utilization 
3.3 Challenges With Location and Multiple Facilities 
3.4 Installed Base 
3.5 Machine Insight 
4.0 How SMEs can Address the Five Key Challenges 
4.1 Systematic Challenges 
4.2 Data Aggregation and Utilization 
4.2.1. Industrie 4.0 Business Models That Optimize Data Utilization 
4.2.2. The Role of Edge Computing and the Industrial Cloud in Simplifying Data Utilization 
4.2.3. How Tech Enterprise can Help Simplify Data Utilization 
4.3 Location and Multiple Facilities 
4.4 Installed Base 
4.5 Machine Insight 
5.0 Closing Remarks 
6.0 About EXOR International 
7.0 References 

Industry 4.0 - Rethinking Manufacturing in the World of 5G and AI