Which data types are available in JMobile?

JMobile, Data Types Available

Which data types are available in JMobile?

14 Jun, 2017

What to know

Data types are dependent on specific protocol used.

A full list of communication driver supported for each Exor product is available here.

However, any Tag in JMobile can have one of the below common data types:

Data Type Memory Space Limits
boolean 1 bit data 0 ... 1
byte 8-bit data -128 ... 127
unsignedByte 8-bit data 0 ... 255
short 16-bit data -32768 ... 32767
unsignedShort 16-bit data 0 ... 65535
int 32-bit data -2.1e9 ... 2.1e9
unsignedInt 32-bit data 0 ... 4.2e9
int64* 64-bit data -9.2e18 ... 9.2e18
usint64* 64-bit data 0 ... 1.8e19
float IEEE single-precision
32-bit floating point type
1.17e-38 ... 3.40e38
double IEEE single-precision
64-bit floating point type
2.2e-308 ... 1.79e308
string Character strings  Array of elements containing character code defined by selected encoding

* supported only by some specific protocols

To define arrays, select one of Data Type format followed by square brackets like “byte[]”, “short[]”…

Note that the INT type in IEC 61131 corresponds is a 16-bit data. It corresponds to JMobile short data type.

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