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License Statement for Open Source Software

EXOR products, solutions and services include software developed by third parties. These components are Open Source Software (OSS) licensed under a license approved by the Open Source Initiative ( or similar licenses and/or commercial or freeware software components.

Certain components of the Product/Service have been combined or linked with/to OSS components licensed under the GNU LGPL version 2 or later as per the definition of the applicable license, and if use of the corresponding object file is not unrestricted ("LGPL Licensed Module", whereas the LGPL Licensed Module and the components that the LGPL Licensed Module is combined with or linked to is the "Combined Product"), the following additional rights apply, if the relevant LGPL license criteria are met:

- you are entitled to modify the Combined Product for your own use, including but not limited to the right to modify the Combined Product to relink modified versions of the LGPL Licensed Module, and

- you may reverse-engineer the Combined Product, but only to debug your modifications.

The modification right does not include the right to distribute such modifications and you shall maintain in confidence any information resulting from such reverse-engineering of a Combined Product.

OSS licenses could require to make source code available, for example, the GNU General Public License (Ref., the GNU Lesser General Public License ( and the Mozilla Public License (

Where such licenses are applicable, a copy of this source code can be obtained by anyone in receipt of this information by contacting the following address:


Exor International SPA, VIA MONTE FIORINO, 13, 37057 SAN GIOVANNI LUPATOTO, Verona

Tel: +39 045 875 04 04


Contact EXOR International SPA


All Open Source Software components used within the product (including their copyright and license conditions) is available also here:

Please share it with your customers to avoid license infringements.


This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Projec for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit. (
This product includes cryptographic software written by Eric Young (

This product includes software written by Tim Hudson (



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