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Outdoor HMIs

In locations where the safety of operators is at risk or where the extreme environment conditions affects the HMI efficiency it’s important to choose equipment designed with this objective in mind. The Outdoor HMIs by EXORs are the ideal choice for all demanding IIoT edge applications in harsh environments such as marine and process industries.


Outdoor HMIs
Outdoor HMIs

Why use an Outdoor HMI?

EXOR Outdoor HMIs have a high-brightness display that has been processed to maintain brightness and to be sunlight-readable. They are optically bonded to guarantee the highest optical performance and resistance in such environments.

EXOR Outdoor HMIs are ready to withstand the extreme environment conditions of any geographical region. The products obtained multiple approvals from third party institution. 

Validated technical specifications of our products are exclusively available in PDF documents named "Datasheet," which can be downloaded from the product page on our website.

What is the right product for you?

Key features

Market leading 64 bit multi-core for computing power

Product customization available

Excellent worldwide tech support provided

Key Differentiators

Competitive Differentiator
Derived Benefit
Brilliant Displays Readable in Full Sunlight
Fewer accidents as well as increased efficiency
Extremely Wide Temperature Range
The EXOR Outdoor HMIs offer an extended temperature range for operation in very harsh environments
Projected capacitive touchscreen with optical bonding
Optical bonding improves light transmission through glass and touch sensor to the display and helps improving the contrast ratio and therefore the readability under all conditions of illumination
Ample coverage of approvals
The EXOR Outdoor HMIs are certified with IECEx Zone 2/22, ATEX Zone 2/22, cULus, cULus Hazardous Locations and DNV for marine environments
Dedicated HMI hardware for various sectors
Specific needs of certain sectors can be satisfied with the wide range of specialised HMI design

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