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PLCM10B is the most effective way to add Internet connectivity to control systems like HMI and Gateway/ Controller. PLCM10B is a compact and robust plug-in module designed to add IoT M2M connectivity to systems based on eX700 and eXware700 Series.

The device is a 4G wireless modem supporting LTE cat. 4 cellular networks. It has been designed for worldwide operation.



In combination with Corvina Remote Monitoring services you can easily implement basic IIoT functions and establish a VPN to protect access to your field devices.

PLCM10 streamlines connection to PaaS cloud services such as Corvina Cloud.

  • 4G wireless communication module
  • Supports LTE cat. 4 Global, UMTS/DC-HS DPA/HSUPA/ WCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Designed for eX700 and eXware product families.
  • Compatible with operation of Corvina secure service


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