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Your company faces the same old problem: How to make money today and how to make money tomorrow?
The varied solutions to this ever-present question do however alter over time. Industrie 4.0, and the digitalization of the information thread that runs throughout the company have brought new and innovative solutions.


They fall into 8 distinct categories where every company is or will be competing within:

1. Data-driven Plant Performance
2. Data-driven Inventory Performance
3. Data-driven Quality Improvement
4. Machines as a Service
5. Human data interface
6. Predictive Maintenance
7. Remote Servicing
8. Virtual Training and Validation

Many of our competitors say that they offer solutions, so maybe EXOR can also tell what you should do?
Maybe EXOR should give you the solution that would work in your industry, in your company, in your unique place in the world?

Yet it seems to us that to answer yes to these questions would be to diminish the importance of the challenges that you face. Because your company is unique. You have multiple years of experience in your sector and only you can provide the solution to your problem. Only you and your team can truly envisage how to make money today and tomorrow.

What EXOR International can offer you is the ability to securely acquire data from almost any approval critical location across multiple vendor and protocols, powerfully work with this data in real time at the edge and then send this data to a robust cloud to visualize, manipulate and analyse.

With Our Technology, we are able to help you implement Your Industrie 4.0 solution to Your business

That’s why EXOR International is a technology provider

Business Philosophy

A precise business philosophy is followed which influences all the choices that are made:
Everything in the company is the result of the collaboration of experience and talent, shared with new ideas and given space for our young engineers to express themselves.

In an ever-changing economic environment rather than employing our resources on what
might change, we prefer to focus on what will not change:

1) the need of our customers for our technology that reliably improves performance and security
2) the awareness that when entrepreneurs make a choice for their automation processes, they know they are committed for ten years.

We are aware that the entrepreneur who signs a contract which implements work runs a certain level of process risk. In this risk taking we have to be a guarantee with our products and our support.

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EXOR Controls the Entire Project Process

System on Module

gigaSOM, nanoSOM and microSOM
1st basic component of IIoT
Designed for 100,000pcs pa
Electronic Engineering
PCB Design / FPGA
Product industrialization

BSP, HMI, IIoT Controller, Cloud, Software

Software Development
Firmware-PC Software-RTOS 32bit platform

Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineering
3D simulation
Plastic and diecasting molding



EXOR controls all the macro areas of product design and development.

EXOR is the only company in the global sector that engineers from the edge to the cloud, from the level of System on Module to the Industrial cloud.

The research and development department of EXOR brings nearly 50 years of practical experience to resolve your challenges by covering the following areas:


  • EXOR develops Systems on Module down to the micro and nano level with PCB design and FPGA used in product industrialization.
  • EXOR develops HMI Software. Including BSP, firmware, soft PLC and multiple protocol communications.
  • EXOR completes the mechanical design of plastic and die casting moulding with extensive certification expertise.
  • EXOR has an Industrial Cloud constructed with state-of-theart technology specifically mapped for scalability, reliability and fault tolerance.

What is the X Platform?

The X Platform unifies all the products and services that fall under the umbrella of EXOR International. From the very smallest building blocks of any IoT project, through the implementation of any of the eight benefits of Industrie 4.0, to the requirement of a custom or standard high-performance gateway or HMI, the X Platform is able to offer the products that you need.

At the component or machine level the X Platform specializes in smart edge human data interfaces that are both impressive in their functionality as they are unique in their aesthetic appeal.
At the factory level the X Platform offers smart edge computing power that allows the visualization of data simultaneously acquired via multiple protocols from all the major vendors.

The X Platform completes the offers with a robust industrial cloud where by the secure visualization of data many of the Industrie 4.0 opportunities can be realized for your unique company.


However the X Platform is not just a technology platform… it includes the nearly 50 years’ experience EXOR International has in designing, building, manufacturing and maintaining the software, firmware and hardware necessary for all human machine interfaces. This experience really shows its value when any project comes up against a problem, as all projects do. It is in these moments EXOR International can demonstrate how effectively the X Platform operates: it truly is a collaborative platform, ideal for Industrie 4.0 model implementation in industrial, marine, automotive, oil & gas and building sectors.


Your Next HMI is not an HMI

It is a magical piece of engineering
It communicates edge to cloud across 200 protocols
It has the power to manage real-time analytics
You can use it with or without display, with gloves in the harshest or cleanest of environments.
Performance faster than you can say HMI
It defines the positive correlation between aesthetics and usability
In summary, it is your new gateway to digitalization


The evolution of EXOR from a traditional HMI hardware designer and manufacturer to a complete IIoT solution provider is most evident in the hardware offering.

From the very basic component of IIoT, at the SOM level, through field and then up to SCADA and Master level panels, EXOR covers all the current and future market needs.



Software for Industrial Edge Management

Communication across multi-vendor, multi-protocol and multi-device environments and then sending this data to local or cloud storage is a requirement for manufacturing efficiency.

JMobile suite of software offers this with unmatched level of user experience based on nearly 50 years of Industrial automation experience.



Connectivity Management

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the connectivity management platform that puts you in control of your IIoT business, which leads seamlessly from JMCloud. This IIoT-ready, secure, and user-friendly platform dramatically reduces the excess costs involved with installation and maintenance as well as preparing you for the new IIoT business models of tomorrow.

Open Industrial IoT Platform

CORVINA Cloud is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) and RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) system.  

It is the cloud-based, Open Industrial IoT Platform that provides the technology you need for the ndustrial world. It is The Industrial Cloud

It connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, be they new or legacy. It allows the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed simply and intuitively with advanced analysis. It bridges layers between IT and OT architecture, providing effective tools to access all the industry 4.0 benefits, such as asset performance management, predictive maintenance and OT remote monitoring. 

Our Technology that allows you to implement at scale and securely Your solution to Your problem: how to maintain competitiveness, grow and maybe just to disrupt.