Year 48 of the General Catalogue


Year 48 of the General Catalogue

29 Jul, 2019

Welcome to the 48th year in which we publish this general catalogue.

In the last twelve months EXOR continued to grow by focusing on delivering value via the products and services that our clients require. Strategically we increased our head count globally by 10% and extended our reach into Asia with the opening of EXOR Oceania, so as to service our client base more completely. And in Italy we concluded the acquisition of Nexcom Italia.

We are moving our headquarters to a newer facility allowing for a production capacity of 200,000 units per year as well as room for further headcount increases planned in client facing and R&D positions. All of this expansion we are approaching in a prudent manner, fully aware that the global economy has been growing constantly for 10 years and must at some stage enter a pause.

On the product and service front we have launched over 10 new products these past twelve months which continue to solidify the X Platform as the IoT platform of choice for anyone looking to gain access to the main Industrie 4.0 benefits.

This general catalogue therefore reflects these new X Platform components with a smart edge and industrial cloud approach which includes EXOR Embedded SOMs and Development Kits and a fuller range of Industrial PCs.

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