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What is the X Platform? - Solution Architect Interview


In an engrossing conversation conducted by SPS - Smart Production Solutions, our esteemed solution architect, Damiano Vendramini, fearlessly unveils the revolutionary capabilities of our groundbreaking X Platform, making its official debut at SPS Nuremberg 2023!

Watch as Mr. Vendramini answers the following questions in 3 engaging videos:


What are the key strengths that make the X Platform unique and how do you think they address the challenges of industrial automation in the market?

What can we expect from Exor International and CORVINA at SPS Nuremberg and beyond?

What are the main innovations and developments that Exor International will present at SPS Nuremberg, and how will they impact the automation industry?



Could you explain how the cloud plays a pivotal role in your solution and why you think data are utilized to enhance operational efficiency?

Considering the landscape of industrial automation, how does the X Platform address Today's needs and tomorrow's wants requirements?

What is X Platform and how do you see its role in meeting the evolving needs of machine builders and factory owners?



What are the distinguishing features of the X Platform, and how can they meet the needs of machine builders and factory owners?


or watch all the interview:

Key highlights of the interview:
▪️ Seamless fusion for a New Era: X Platform bridges machine builders' vision with the practical needs of factory owners, seamlessly merging IT and OT tech.

▪️ Data-Driven efficiency: we believe in the crucial role of data and how the cloud optimizes workloads, manages flows, and ensures safety.

▪️ X Platform features unveiled: scalability, interoperability, security, data analytics and edge capability - each feature narrates a promise of adaptability, integration, commitment, innovation, and immediate insights.

▪️ Today's needs and tomorrow's wants: X Platform proactively addresses current demands and paves the way for Industry 5.0, enriching the human experience and promoting sustainability.

The synergy between Exor International and CORVINA promises a perfect blend of hardware, software, cloud and analytics.

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