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High-end Panel PC

EXOR heavy Industrial Panel PC is equipped with powerful Intel® Processor, TFT LCD Panel with LED backlight, and user-friendly touch design.

EXOR Industrial Panel PC provides expansion slots for add-on boards in a IP66 heavy-duty aluminum front bezel and vibration-resistant, its rugged design of aluminum chassis is suitable for any harsh industrial environments.

All products are available in wide and flexible range of configurations. You will have the product that fit your needs.

All products have a robust mechanical construction that will suit the most demanding applications.Products can be configured with different choice of CPU, RAM, disk and operating systems.


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Key features

PC offered by EXOR International are the ideal platform for running applications based on JMobile PC Runtime. An application integrating HMI on a powerful hardware platform is ready in all cases where the embedded HMIs do not meet all requirements.

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