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SWICK’s Challenge: improve mining and exploration activity


Headquarters: South Guildford, West Australia
Sector: Mineral Drilling
Employees: 600
Machinery digitalized: +80
Customer since: 2014
X Platform: HMI & IPC + Edge Visualization + Soft PLC

Project Summary

X Platform employed to SWICK Mining Services case: challenging underground mineral environments require highly durable HMIs designed to assist operators in daily activities, facilitating informed decision-making and swift responses to on-site conditions.


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“We began with the EXOR product thinking we would simply use it as a screen, a feedback visualization product. When we discovered the power of the combination of the HMI and JMobile software, its flexibility and future readiness series of functionalities, we began taking our thinking and therefore our rigs to the  next level of automation, and never stopped”.

Dr Paul Attiwell 
R&D Manager, 
SWICK Mining Services


SWICK’s Challenge: improve mining and exploration activity

SWICK has always demonstrated its attitude towards innovation, to enhance their leadership in the drilling space, the company recognizes the necessity of improving operator feedback. Effective feedback is crucial in drilling operations, as it directly impacts efficiency, safety, and the accuracy of the drilling process. 

The specific challenge for SWICK is to find an innovative graphical interface software that could seamlessly communicate across various industry protocols. This software needs to be highly adaptable, capable of interfacing with different types of drilling equipment, and providing a user-friendly platform for operators to monitor and control the drilling process.

Furthermore, the environmental conditions in which SWICK operates are notably harsh. The equipment, including the graphical interface hardware, must withstand extreme conditions, such as dust, vibrations, moisture, and temperature variations that are typical in mining environments. The hardware also needs to be robust enough to endure the daily wear and tear from operators and machinery, ensuring reliability and longevity in such demanding settings.


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