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The gigaSOM gS02 is the next generation Exor’s gigaSOM System on Module family. The gS02 is very compact, smart, flexible and fully customizable solutions to be adapted for a vast array of IIoT products with simple carrier board design, based at Elkhart Lake SoC and Intel Cyclone 10 GX FPGA.

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The gigaSOM gS02 Kit is a flexible development environment with which you can explore and evaluate the functionality and performance of the gigaSOM gS02 module which is soldered directly into the gigaSOM gS02 Kit.




Main features gS02 Kit:

CPU Memory LPDDR4: 16GB, FPGA Memory DDR3: 2GB, Flash Storage eMMC 128GB, SPI NOR 256Mb, boot SPI NOR 1Gb, SPI FRAM: 512Kb, SD Card, EEPROM 2Kb, Security TPM, Gb Ethernet supports x4 1G, M.2 Key B, M.2 Key E, M.2 Key M PCIe x4. Video interfaces: eDP / HDMI / DP / MIPI-DSI via CPU side.


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