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PLCM10 is a compact and robust plug-in module designed to add IoT M2M connectivity to systems based on eX700 Series and eXware Series.
The device is a 4G wireless modem supporting LTE cat. 4 cellular networks and offers Internet connectivity to systems.



The microSIM slot accessible by user and PLCM10 is compatible with operation of Corvina secure service.

Wi-Fi can be easily configured as device or access point for flexible wireless networking. GNSS geolocation function works globally with optimal response.

In combination with Corvina Remote Monitoring services you can easily implement basic IIoT functions and establish a VPN to protect access to your field devices.
PLCM10 streamlines connection to PaaS cloud services such as Corvina.

  • 4G wireless communication module
  • Supports LTE cat. 4 Global, UMTS/DC-HS DPA/HSUPA/ WCDMA, GSM/GPRS/EDGE
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Wi-Fi wireless networking
  • GNSS for geolocation
  • Designed for eX700 and eXware product families.
  • Compatible with operation of Corvina Cloud secure service


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