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eXtreme Series

In even the most extreme and inhospitable locations, the EXOR HMI series for extreme environments has brought the convenience and benefits of IoT platforms right where they are needed. Since 2011, our outdoor HMI series has been the go-to choice for customers operating in challenging environments where reliable operation and operator safety are essential.

With our latest eXtreme series, you can take full advantage of EXOR devices even in the harshest of situations. What sets this series apart is the combination of highly robust hardware, specifically designed for outdoor use, and an incredibly flexible JMobile software that makes operating the HMI an effortless experience, which is crucial in harsh environmental conditions.

These HMIs easily connect to a broad range of networks and protocols, and their compatibility with every feature available in the JMobile platform allows them to be seamlessly integrated into existing architectures.

eXtreme Series
Brilliant Displays Readable in Full Sunlight, Touchscreens with optical bonding

Fewer accidents as well as increased efficiency. Optical bonding improves light transmission and helps improving the contrast ratio and therefore the readability under all conditions of illumination.

Extremely Wide Temperature Range

The EXOR Outdoor HMIs offer an extended temperature range for operation in very harsh environments.

Ample coverage of approvals

The EXOR Outdoor HMIs are certified with IECEx Zone 2/22, ATEX Zone 2/22, cULus, cULus Hazardous Locations and DNV for marine environments

Dedicated HMI hardware for various sectors

Specific needs of certain sectors can be satisfied with the wide range of specialised HMI design.

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Key features


Multiple certifications and Features

Extreme HMI series has particular features like the brilliant displays readable in full sunlight, touchscreens with optical bonding and multiple certifications IECEX Zone 2/22, ATEX Zone 2/22, UL cULus Class I Div. 2, DNV GL, EU MR, opening dramatically the range of possible applications in industrial, marine and harsh environments.

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Runs the World's Most intuitively powerful Software and Cloud

The native JMobile visualization and connectivity software is built by EXOR to perfectly compliment the hardware and firmware of the device, thus allowing for optimal performance. It allows engineers to create easy to use applications without a background in programming. Moreover CORVINA, our industrial IoT Cloud-based Platform is designed specifically for businesses looking to take advantage of the latest digital technologies to grow and improve their operations.

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Validated technical specifications of our products are exclusively available in PDF documents named "Datasheet," which can be downloaded from the product page on our website.

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