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X Platform Inside and... Outside the Factory!


What really is an industrial automation platform? The technical definition tells us it's "an advanced system that facilitates control and management of industrial processes, improving efficiency and safety in manufacturing facilities, often based on an open architecture for interoperability." 

X Platform goes beyond the traditional limits of production and integrates into the ordinary management of the plant. From these needs arises the project of the Building Automation department of EXOR & CORVINA. 

This article discuss:

  • JSmart700M Series: the new versatile HMIs suitable for all installations, equipped with technological innovations that can offer an intuitive user interface and resistance to difficult operating conditions, combining ease of use with reliability. 
  • How we evaluate the actual capacity of products: tests in real conditions and customer feedback are essential to ensure quality and guide future improvements. JSmart700M series is used daily within our facilities to automate processes and demonstrate the capabilities of this device in real-world scenarios.
  • Cybersecurity and Firewall: CORVINA ensures data security through advanced measures such as robust firewalls and encryption. These practices protect against unauthorized access and keep data transmission safe and reliable.

Our Technology: JSmart

JSmart series is a unique product family that demonstrates how Hardware technology integrates with advanced Software specifications and Cloud applications. This tool is primarly designed to withstand extreme conditions and its main features can be described in a few points: 

  • Completely sealed: The JSmart is designed to operate in difficult environments, ensuring that its performance is not compromised by dust or humidity. 
  • Power over Ethernet: Thanks to this feature, JSmart requires only one cable for connectivity and power. This simplifies installation and reduces cabling costs. 
  • Wide operating temperature: JSmart can operate in a temperature range from -20 to +55 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for a wide range of environments. 


Why Not on a Machine? 

A JSmart707M installed at the gate of the EXOR factory at Via Monte Fiorino 13, Verona (Italy). In this case, it serves a different function than it was designed for: it is not simply a device for machine control but an integral part of the building, serving as access control. 

A clear example of the potential of IIoT systems: this device is exposed outdoors 24 hours a day, without any overhead cover. It is installed vertically on a pole at a 45-degree exposure towards the northeast, receiving direct irradiation in the early hours of the morning. 

This installation highlights the extraordinary resistance of JSmart700M series. It is a series designed to challenge harsh environmental conditions, where temperature, humidity, and other factors can put technology to the test. The outdoor positioning, without any protection from the elements, is a demonstration of the confidence we place in our products. 

Laboratory tests are important, but nothing can match the field verification of product capabilities. The JSmart707M operates 24/7, managing access from the gate of Via Monte Fiorino 13. This demonstrates how EXOR technology is tested in real situations. Our dedication to offering quality products is what guides us in every step of our journey.


Your Solution: Simplicity and Security

The aim of this article is not to showcase EXOR's capabilities in product design - for that, more detailed information can be found in the Datasheets, which are certainly more exhaustive in technicalities and product features. The message here is that the "product" as we knew it 20 years ago no longer exists; today, everything is based on the needs that the same product must fulfill. The advantage of having a versatile, durable product with high computing capabilities quickly translates into a simple and feasible solution for many of the needs, not only of the factory and process, but also for your company. 

The cutting-edge technology of the X Platform becomes your secure and protected solution. For example, the communication channels of the JSmart are blocked by software and physical firewalls for the security of the corporate network, with CORVINA still able to communicate with the device thanks to specific settings. 



 In conclusion, I would like to highlight how the X Platform is not just a technical definition of industrial automation, but rather a reliable partner for companies like yours. 

The field test of JSmart is a demonstration of EXOR's dedication to providing robust and reliable solutions. It's not just about state-of-the-art products, but about how these products become practical solutions for your business needs. The versatility, durability, and security of the X Platform technology translate into a tailored solution for your company. 

X Platform continues to ensure safe and protected solutions, focusing on your needs and offering you a trusted partner for the future of industrial automation. 


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