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eX200 Web Series

The eX200 Web series, engineered to excel in Industry 4.0's dynamic landscape, presents a lineup of HMIs that transform operational management with smart, real-time capabilities. The eX200 Web Series ensures that web applications operate smoothly, highlighting its high-capacity performance. It features a luminous capacitive display that brings out the best in web application visuals, essential for superior display quality.

Integrating a cutting-edge user interface with the Board Support Package, the HMI offers an experience that is both seamless and intuitive, facilitating user interaction with ease. With its robust Linux platform it's built for efficient operation management, making it an ideal choice for modern industrial settings that demand versatility and high performance in both portrait and landscape orientations. They encapsulate a balance between functionality and cost-effectiveness, tailored for a dynamic manufacturing world. It's not just a device but a step towards smarter management and advanced visualization, representing a cornerstone for enterprises poised to leverage the full potential of IIoT.

eX200 Web Series
Stable Performance across different situations

A High-Quality Product Designed to last and maintain stable performance across all operational situations.

Lightweight and easily movable

The plastic case ensures the product is lightweight and easily movable, while performance capabilities are guaranteed.

Wide Viewing Angle

IPS Display with Wide Viewing Angle: Up to 180 degrees, ensuring sharp images and vivid colors from any position.

Resistant HMI

Resistant to scratches, UV, and chemicals, with IP66 protection class.

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Key features


Web-based systems install and run client applications from any web-browser

There are no client licenses manage, no tedious software installations, no application files to copy over and no communication configurations to setup. When users login they always get  the most recent version of an application. IT departments are willing to embrace technology they understand. All this is in sharp contrast to traditional systems. The economic advantages of using web-based systems are compelling.

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More for less

With its comprehensive features and performance, the eX200 Web Series embodies a cost-effective solution without compromising on the technical specifications required for advanced operation management and monitoring in the dynamic environment of smart manufacturing.

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Validated technical specifications of our products are exclusively available in PDF documents named "Datasheet," which can be downloaded from the product page on our website.

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