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Empowering Smart Factories: EXOR's MicroEdge Meets NXP


Innovation for the Ultimate Industrial IoT Solution

EXOR International, as renowned leader in industrial automation and HMI solutions, is pleased to be at the forefront of innovation with the development of its next release, the Exor MicroEdge series. This groundbreaking gateway embodies the pinnacle of modular and flexible design, poised to redefine the landscape of IIoT implementations.

MicroEdge Series: A Closer Look

Exor International MicroEdge Series is a revolutionary innovative modular scalable Edge platform for industrial connectivity. 

The Edge master module uses NXP® Semiconductor’s i.MX 8 family of applications processors with scalable performance, with the capability to integrate different Edge computing software modules based on Linux OS and Docker Container technology. 

The MicroEdge Series master module can be further expanded up to four modules, adding to the basic configuration and extension of communication ports, Sensors, I/O interface modules, Storage modules or data co-processing modules such as AI Neural processing for running field-level inference network execution. 

Designed  for industrial connectivity, The MicroEdge Series is  the perfect hub to collect field level data from Industrial Fieldbuses such as Ethercat, Profinet, Ethernet/IP and directly from sensors using IoLink or an analog front end, such as 0-20mA, 0:10V, TC and RTD analog interfaces.  

MicroEdge Series will allow, in addition to local edge processing with execution of real-time applications and field analysis software modules, a secure connection to cloud-based factory networks, such as CORVINA. MicroEdge Series will also soon be compliant with essential ISA/IEC62443 standards for OT cybersecurity. 

MicroEdge Series is designed to support OTA (Fleet management) services for modern commissioning, providing the ideal platform for the integration of industrial services, creating the ideal  springboard for the in-field servicing of the device. 

A Future Built on Innovation and Collaboration

EXOR International's commitment to continuous innovation is exemplified through the upcoming product release, the MicroEdge Series, with plans for advanced Edge computing modules with fully programmable analog interfaces based on NXP Semiconductor’s N-AFE analog front ends. This vision for the future of IIoT is further strengthened by the  collaboration with NXP. 

NXP Semiconductors, a global leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, provides the Analog Front-End (N-AFE) technology incorporated into the MicroEdge Series. This collaboration ensures flexibility, accuracy, and diagnostic capabilities essential for the modern smart factory. 

  • As a prominent player in the field of industrial automation and human-machine interface solutions, Exor quickly recognized NXP’s breadth and scalability of technology and products and its ability to provide a complete system solutions. Specifically, the value that the combination of NXP’s N-AFE analog front ends and i.MX8 CPUs can provide to its customers, by enabling the flexibility, accuracy, and diagnostic features needed in today’s smart factories. We are proud of the collaboration between Exor and NXP and are confident of Exor's continued success.” 

    Alec Makdessian, Segment Director, High-Performance Analog Product Line, NXP Semiconductors
  • “EXOR International has established itself as a key innovator in industrial automation, human-machine interfaces, and IIoT solutions. With a history of pioneering cutting-edge technology, EXOR's dedication to developing scalable, flexible, and technologically advanced solutions is unmatched. MicroEdge Series represents the next step in EXOR's commitment to innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of industrial automation." 

    Claudio Ambra, CTO of Exor International 

Looking Forward

The journey of MicroEdge Series is just beginning. As EXOR International continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in industrial automation, the collaboration with NXP  Semiconductors plays a crucial role in ensuring the success and innovation of MicroEdge Series. Stay tuned for more updates as EXOR leads the way into the future of the IIoT. 

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