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uS03 Kit

Secure Cloud-enabled HMI & PLC Development Kit.

  • Industry 4.0-ready
  • Includes MicroSOM us03 / DUAL ARM A8 Processor
  • JMobile Software Suite for GUI with OPC-UA support
  • CODESYS 3 for motion & control + EtherCAT stack
uS03 Kit


  • uS03 microSOM evaluation board
  • Ethernet cable (1m)
  • 24V DC Power Supply and power supply adapters
  • Serial adapter module to standard PC RS232 port
  • SD card with preloaded starting Linux OS

Software available in this web page is based on OpenSource. Visit the license statement for OpenSource Software page for more details

Key features

  • Fast Time-to-Market
  • Linux RTOS solution (OSADL)
  • High-performance Advanced Video Architecture
  • Design optimized for cost-sensitive applications
  • JMobile HMI Software suite enable users to design User-friendly and high quality vectorial graphic (SVG) rich graphical GUI and assure a device connectivity with suite of +200 communication protocols.
  • Soft PLC CoDeSys 3S
  • Several optional satellite adapter boards

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+EE16EK-0001microSOM uS03 Development Kit

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