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uS05 Kit

Smart SoM Secure Cloud-Enabled PLC + HMI Development Kit

  • Evaluation version of CODESYS 3x SoftPLC and PLC Runtime EtherCAT, ProfiNET, Powerlink, Ethernet/IP, Bus TCP IP, CAN master compliant IEC61131-3
  • Industrial Cloud – Corvina Enabling
  • Visualization and Connectivity Software – JMobile
  • OPC UA pub/sub client/server over TSN
  • SDK Real-time Linux Operating System
  • Video controller for HMI implemented in FPGA fabric / Web HMI
uS05 Kit


In the box:

  • 7” TFT 800×480 Multitouch PCAP Panel
  • Carrier board with configurable 4x giga Ethernet ports, including 3 ports TSN Switch, SD memory card, 2x Expansion I/O connectors (GPIO, Serial port, CAN, SPI, I2C), 2 USB ports
  • microSOM uS05 module with Intel FPGA SoC Cyclone 5 (5CSEBA6U23I7 – 110KLE FPGA)
  • Quick start guide
  • Power adapter

Software available in this web page is based on OpenSource. Visit the license statement for OpenSource Software page for more details

Key features

  • Fast Time-to-Market
  • Linux RTOS solution (OSADL)
  • High-performance Advanced Video Architecture
  • Design optimized for cost-sensitive applications
  • JMobile HMI Software suite enable users to design User-friendly and high quality vectorial graphic (SVG) rich graphical GUI and assure a device connectivity with suite of +200 communication protocols.
  • Soft PLC CoDeSys 3S
  • Several optional satellite adapter boards

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