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GigaSOM gS01 is highly innovative, high performance very efficient, ultra compact SOM, based at Atom E39xx Intel® CPU cores and Intel® Cyclone 10 GX FPGA.

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Key Benefits

  • The gS01 is ultra smart and rugged solution, soldered directly onto the main carrier board without the use of extensive connectors that will reduce reliability of the system.
  • With 81,6 x 54 mm size and 4.9 mm thickness, gS01 allows you to design products fairly compact and ultra-slim.
  • The gS01 requires a single supply of +5V, ±5%
  • Unique combination of Intel® Atom processor and powerful Intel® Cyclone FPGA in one board, provides supporting selection big numbers of platforms.
  • Extremely high throughput between CPU and FPGA thanks incorporated Dual Lane PCIe interface
  • In addition to CPU powerful architecture, great flexibility is assured by FPGA, that, together with rich library of IP cores allows configuration of various products.
  • FPGA provides hardware support for LPC FMC or even LPC+ support (using four high speed lanes instead of one)
  • Numerous LVDS pairs from FPGA in case of non using FMC concept
  • Supports Windows and Linux platforms
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Key features

  • Basic Component of the X Platform
  • Guaranteed Minimum 10 year Product Life Cycle
  • Reduced Time to Market for Customized Products
  • Backed by a partner that can cover the design and supply chain
  • Essential Basic Component of IIoT Implementation
  • Powerful IIoT engine across all “Industrie 4.0” levels
  • OPC UA pub/sub over TSN,MQTT and AMQT
  • IIoT Gateway and Logic control
  • Vast Protocol Library
  • At the Edge Analytics
  • Fog Node Compatibility
  • Optional CODESYS v3
  • Distributed micro-Server
  • Quad Core Atom E39xx Intel®
  • Linux BSP rt (OSADL) or Android BSP
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Technical Data

Dimensions81,6 x 54 x 4,9 mm
Temperature range-40°C to +85°C
Power supply5V,+- 5%, current (TBD)
CPUIntel® Atom E39XX Quad or Dual cores
FPGAIntel® Cyclone 10 GX up to 220 KLE
DDRLPDDR4 up to 8 Gbytes for CPU and DDR3 up to 2 GBytes for FPGA
Flash memory Up to 64 Gbytes eMMC Flash for CPU, 1 Gbytes QSPI Flash for FPGA
FRAM 64 Kbytes via CPU side
Video out interfaceseDP, DP0 and DP1 via CPU side
Video in interfaces CSI MIPI via CPU side (4 lanes)
Audio HDA and I2S via CPU side
CPU high speed interfaces6 (USB 2.0), 2 (USB 3.0), 2 (SATA3), 1 (Gigabit Ethernet), PCIe (1 lane), PCIe (2 lane)
CPU low speed interfacesSMB bus, 5 (I2C), 3 (UART), SPI, LPC, SDIO, SD card, GPIO
FPGA high speed interfaces34 LVDS pairs plus six 10Gb transceivers (support for FMC LPC and LPC+)
FPGA low speed interfaces2 (CAN), 3 (SPI), 2 (I2C), 1 (UART), 1 (GPIO)
Interface CPU-FPGADual Lane Gen 2 PCIe
FPGA imageConfigurable via CPU
Software configurable. Not all selections can be combined

Ordering Information

ModelPart NumberDescription
gS01-0001+GS01-0001Intel® Atom E3930 - 4GB LPDDR4 - 32GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
gS01-0002+GS01-0002Intel® Atom E3940 - 8GB LPDDR4 - 64GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
gS01-0003+GS01-0003Intel® Atom E3930 - 4GB LPDDR4 - 32GB Flash Disk - Cyclone 10GX 85KLE - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
gS01-0004+GS01-0004Intel® Atom E3940 - 8GB LPDDR4 - 64GB Flash Disk - Cyclone 10GX 220KLE - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
gS01 Dev. Kit+EE16EK-0011gigaSOM gS01 Development Kit
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