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microSOM uS01, TI’s Sitara ARM-Cortex-A8 based microSOM standard, for the increased system performance requirements.

The ARM Cortex-A8 allows greater flexibility for the system designers and helps to lower the system cost and power consumption.



  • The microSOM is soldered directly onto the main carrier board without the use of extensive connectors that will reduce reliability of the system.
  • With only 46×35 and 4 mm in height microSOM allows you to design products extremely compact and ultra-slim.
  • The microSOM requires a single supply of 3.3V with very low power consumption.
  • It provides the combination of pheripherals for performance and power savings, but with the great flexibility allows to configure different products.
  • A Powerful Video Controller and OpenHMI software enable to design a User-friendly and high quality vectorial graphic (SVG) rich-graphical GUI and assure a device connectivity with suite of +200 communication protocols.
  • Optional IEC 61131-3 CODESYS 3. x for Control I/O
  • Linux RTOS solution (OSADL real time option*) *To be defined


Key features

  • Basic Component of the X Platform
  • Guaranteed Minimum 10 year Product Life Cycle
  • Reduced Time to Market for Customized Products
  • Backed by a partner that can cover the design and supply chain
  • Essential Basic Component of IIoT Implementation
  • Powerful IIoT engine across all “Industrie 4.0” levels
  • OPC UA pub/sub over TSN,MQTT and AMQT
  • IIoT Gateway and Logic control
  • Vast Protocol Library
  • At the Edge Analytics
  • Fog Node Compatibility
  • Optional CODESYS v3
  • Distributed micro-Server
  • Quad Core ARM
  • Linux BSP rt (OSADL) or Android BSP

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Technical Data

Tech Data
Dimensions46x35 mm
Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
CPUTI Sitara AM3352/AM3354 up 1 GHz
DDRUp 512 Mbytes DDR3
Flash DiskUp to 4 Gbytes eMMC (The actual size could vary according to the device’s vendor. 2MB min. of boot sectors.)
FRAM64 Kbytes (optional)
Watchdog/RTC/Voltage monitor/JTAGYes
USB2 (Host V2.0)
Ethernet2 (RMII ports 10/100 Mb)
Serial Port3*
Audio 1 (I2S Channel)
Video1 (Video Out Controller 16 Bit)
Analog Input5
Software configurable. Not all selections can be combined
* One UART shared with one CAN

Ordering Information

Part Number and Description
+US01-0001TI Sitara AM3354 1Ghz - 512MB DDR3 - 4 GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
+US01-0002TI Sitara AM3352 300Mhz - 256MB DDR3 - 2 GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. -40 to +85°C
+US01-0003TI Sitara - AM3354 1Ghz - 512MB DDR3 - 4 GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. 0 to +70°C
+US01-0004TI Sitara AM3352 300Mhz - 256MB DDR3 - 2 GB Flash Disk - Operating Temp. 0 to +70°C
+EE16EK-0002microSOM uS01 Development Kit


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